Necromorbid / Brudny Skurwiel / Slicer – live in Motiv

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This Thursday the 15th, we managed to hurry up our asses and reached the venue in proper time at Necromorbid / Brudny Skurwiel / Slicer – live in Motiv.

This event was hosted by the one and only true maniacs from RTMC and initially should have been a part of Urn’s European tour promoting “The Burning”’s release that at first included Romania as well, but for some unfortunate, band related reasons, Urn had to cancel it. However, all in all, in the end, it turned out for the best and the event became part of Necromorbid’s tour, Burning the Europe.

Around 21:15 the show began and a local band – Slicer – was the first to play. Both their corpse paint and bone necklaces didn’t miss this time either. The guys seemed full of energy. Their sound was catchy: with speed riffs and fast beats all mixed up with a horror atmosphere. You know that feeling that you get from those black and white old horror movies?That’s the exact atmosphere when they are on stage. Their act was warmly welcomed by the small crowd. Their presence as a band in this event fitted 100%.

After a short brief, Brudny Skurwiel started their soundcheck following on stage. Brudny Skurwiel (dirty fucker in English) is a polish band that plays what they call “evil metal”. Now, for some unexplainable reason, the first thought that came to my mind was of Morboso Metal (Morbosidad), however, their “evil metal” is a mixture of genre, frankly I didn’t understand precisely what they are playing, at first I expected some brutal death metal ( for unexplainable reasons again), but in the end I reached to conclusion that whatever they are playing it’s not my cup of tea.

Their show seemed great anyway, the crowd was really engaged with their act so they did their duty well. Their sound and style clearly require a lot of practice so one could see they are hard working which is great. They seemed very engaged in their work and lyrics also and this gave me the sensation that beyond everything, their act is personal and honest.They ended with a clear message of “Fuck Christ” which made a very Nunslaughter – related atmosphere.



Another brief and the main band of the night –Necromorbid got on stage. Corpse paint, black hoods, chains, and sunglasses announced what it showed up to be a blast. The three Italian maniacs are playing a black- death metal at its full potential. Until now, they have only one album released – El día de la Bestia – so it’s no surprise that their setlist focused on it. They played with fast and dirty riffs full of blasphemy – a great ingredient for an unforgettable show. They also covered up Archgoat in the grimmest manner that one could ask. (Speaking of Archgoat, ‘member Old Grave Edition V?! *evil laugh™) Necromorbid truly managed to create a morbid atmosphere that simply engaged every pice of the venue, so that one couldn’t stay indifferent. Their live performance is not something to miss ( If you get the occasion to attend at one of their shows, go for it without any excuses. Their lives are a must for any extreme metal fan). They made one hell of a show. Of course, an encore was demanded but unfortunately, we didn’t get one. 

The merch area wasn’t exceptionally plentiful, besides a few Slicer T-shirts hung up, I wasn’t able to find something else at the first sight, but at the end, I found out the rest of the official merch. I personally am not used to this kind of tiny little space for it, so I get to cross it over and over without seeing it until a certain point.

Regarding the venue itself, if you are a fan of dry gin and like to experiment, should try theirs.

Kudos to Romanian Thrash Metal Club and Etrurian Legion Promotion for delivering us another great event! You can support or drop them a line as follows: Necromorbid / Brudny Skurwiel / Slicer


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