WeedWolf [DE] / Void Forger [RO] / Visions Of Madness [RO]

@Motiv club


Today, 20th of March in Motiv Club (Calea Victoriei 48-50) will take place the concert of Weedwolf. As opening acts will be Visions of Madness & Void Forger This concert is a part of “QM Nights” event’s series and its organized by 7inc .


20:00 – Open Doors
20:30 – Visions of Madness
21:30 – Void Forger
22:30 – WeedWolf
The price for once ticket is 15 lei(first 30 tickets) and 25 lei (until 100).  The access is allowed depending on the club’s space.

Weedwolf is a sludge punk band from Leipzig. In 2016, the band SEA released a Split LP with WeedWolf.  The band also released last year in december  an album “All I Had, I Gave – The Very Best Off. The album consists of 8 song and could be listen on  Bandcamp (https://sludgepunk.bandcamp.com/).

Void Forger is a Romanian band from Bucharest playing a mix of sludge, crust and death/doom metal formed in 2010. In early April 2012 they released a 3-song demo, Ruined, which is free to download. (https://voidforger.bandcamp.com/album/ruined-demo)

Visions of Madness is a female fronted hardcore/punk/metal band from Bucharest, merging elements from metal subgenres with a twisted underground view, hectic energy and dark passages. We manifest through themes such as social and existential issues, human degradation, lack of values & daily injustices. They released an album in 2016 which could be listen on Bandcamp.

7inc is a community dedicate to support and promote Romanian underground music. It is self sustained, born from passion for music and the desire to help, develop and extend the idea of underground collective.   The community was born as a fusion between  0331 Records (record label), Code Forge (web development and online solutions), HC|RO (booking), Headfullofnoise (community outreach), Psychedelicious (event planner), VZR Graphics (artwork and graphic design).

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