The Dignity Complex, First Division and Till Lungs Collapse

Don’t make plans for tomorrow night! The Dignity Complex is in town and they will perform in Motiv  Club, starting around 20:30 pm. This concert is a part of...

Don’t make plans for tomorrow night! The Dignity Complex is in town and they will perform in Motiv  Club, starting around 20:30 pm. This concert is a part of “QM Nights” event’s series and its organized by 7inc .



20:30- Doors Open

22:00- Till Lungs Collapse

23:00- First Division

00:00- The Dignity Complex

Headfullofnoise Afterparty


The tickets can be purchased online here. The ticket fee is 15 (first 30 tickets) and 25 lei (until 100). The access is allowed depending on the club’s space.

The Dignity Complex is a progressive metal band from Brasov. What makes the band’s sound original is the mix of melodic and aggressive tones. The band launched an EP in 2017, called “Accede”, which can be listened and bought here. As main influences, we can mention bands like The Contortionist, Rosetta, Substructure, Fallujah, Veil Of Maya, If These Trees Could Talk. The Dignity Complex shared the stage with Veil Of Maya, Apostate, Give ‘em Blood and Last Remains. A live of one dear concert can be watched here.


First Division is a groovy hardcore band from Bucharest, which provides us with an interesting mix of groove music, beatdown and rapcore vocals. The band came to life in 2006, in Braila. 2013 was the year of their first album, called “Assumed Brain Robbery”, which can be listened  here. First Division shared the stage with bands like Last Hope.

Till Lungs Collapse is still another hardcore band but with melodic influences. It was born in 2012 from passion and the desire of taking this genre to a deeper level. Their first record, “Desuetude” was launched in 2015 and it can bought or listened here.  Till Lungs Collapse shared the stage with bands like Expectations (BG), Polar (UK), Ready Set Fall (IT), Forgotten Tears (IT).


7inc is a community dedicate to support and promote Romanian underground music. It is self sustained, born from passion for music and the desire to help, develop and extend the idea of underground collective.   The community was born as a fusion between  0331 Records (record label), Code Forge (web development and online solutions), HC|RO (booking), Headfullofnoise (community outreach), Psychedelicious (event planner), VZR Graphics (artwork and graphic design).



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