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To end an epic weekend in an epic way, on Sunday evening I left my house to Quantic club, again. Since I first heard of Therion coming to our country again, the excitement grew bigger by week. Not because I am the biggest fan but because I never got the chance to see them.


Unfortunately, because of my bad memory, I forgot the show was supposed to start at 18:30 and I missed the first band, The Devil. From what I’ve heard, the show was ok but the sound was a bit loud. When I arrived at the venue, the second band was already playing, which means the promoter was a master of sticking to the program. There were many people at both normal and VIP/Golden entrances so it took me a while to get in. And when I thought I saw many people outside, there were even more inside the venue. You know, usually, people don’t come to see the open acts, maybe just the band before the headliner, but the rest are just fans. On Sunday, Quantic was packed from the second band. By the time Therion started, the show was sold out and one could barely move. I’ve been to big shows in Quantic before, but never saw so many people. On the top of it, there were many others on the back porch, smoking and enjoying the show from the outside.

Null Positiv was the first band I saw in that night. The first thing that struck me was the high volume. And I was sitting in the back of the venue. Can’t imagine how the people from the Golden Circle area beared that. On the other side, the sound was good, with no technical problems. Quite clear, though. Now, personally, I am not a big fan of „Arch Enemy” bands, but Null Positiv was really good. Their lead vocalist was so full of energy and all over the stage, and she made quite an impression, with her powerful voice. Also, because most lyrics were in German, I got nothing from the songs. Still, it was pretty enjoyable.

Next, it was a band I knew, I’m a fan of and I was excited about. Imperial Age is, maybe, the best band Mother Russia gave us, in the Symphonic Metal Area. It has a very interesting mixture of heavy metal, male and female opera/rock vocals and orchestral and choral sounds. Which is exactly what we saw on stage. Unfortunately, because it was a bit too loud, I had to get out for a couple of minutes. When the band has a powerful sound already, a high volume can really mess with your ability to understand the song. The show had emotion and energy, but not as much energy as Null Positiv. The stage from Quantic is not big enough to ensure much movement space for 5 people.The band played songs from their latest record „The Legacy Of Atlantis” and reminded me of  “Vision of Atlantis” because the sound is pretty similar. The best moments of the concert were those when all three lead singers were playing simultaneously because they were creating an amazing harmony. Overall, a great show. A plus for the costumes.

Therion was one of the first bands I’ve heard when I started to dig into Symphonic metal. Since then, I had periods when I listened to them and years of never hitting play to one song. Somehow, I kept an image of them, an image stuck in a live show from 2007 and in „Secret of The Runes”. Not keeping up with their activity created kind of a disappointment for me. And maybe not only in me. By the time the show started, the venue was, as I was saying, packed with people. And Therion came a few times to our country, but always has this effect. I saw kids with their parents, teenagers but mostly adults. Those past 35 years old people who had nostalgia in their eyes after the third, tenth and the last song. Those people didn’t necessarily come to see „My Beloved Antichrist”. They came to see Therion and remember the good times, the golden years of the band. Everyone knew the lyrics of Lemuria, To Mega Therion, Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah and applaud with enthusiasm songs like „Theme of The Antichrist”. It was energy, it was a whole ocean of emotions, a great band/public communication and a long show. The sound was still loud but the lights were great and everyone enjoyed every piece of it. As I was saying, I heard conversations next to me about how the band is not as it used to be but is still a “Titan” between the Symphonic Metal bands.

The show ended around 12:35 am and it was pretty hard to get out of the club. On my way out I saw the merch stand which seemed quite rich in t-shirts, albums and other goodies from every band. At the end, everyone left with a smile.


All pics featured in this review were taken by our friend and fellow member Gheorghe Paraschiv.  Here you can find more.

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