Rotheads just released the first single of “Sewer Fiends”

old school death metal from Romania

The Bucharest based Romanian old school death metal band Rotheads has released the first single of their future album Sewer Fiends. The song can be heard on Spanish record label Memento Mori’s Youtube channel.


The new Rotheads album will be published and distributed on CD by Memento Mori starting January 22nd 2018. The artwork has been drawn by the well-known death metal graphic artist César Valladares (Asphyx, Grave Miasma, Krisiun) and the album has been mixed and mastered by Javier Félez of the Spanish death metal band Graveyard.
In 2016, the band has published a demo, Unfazed By Death, which can be listened to on the band’s Youtube account or its Bandcamp account.


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