Blut aus Nord – Deus Salutis Meæ

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal, Avant-garde/Black/Industrial Metal/Dark Ambient

After the majestic album “Codex Obscura Nomina, Blut aus Nord (France) comes back with dissonant sounds in the same avant-garde and complex fashion. The first track released from the album was “Apostasis”. The track manages to sum up the musical features of this innovative work. The album includes one introduction and two interludes with greek titles. In these ten songs, the band experiments with almost industrial influences and melodic tones. Vindvahl’s cruel voice marks the album with frightening sounds that put the listener in a chaotic trance.  The meditative state induced is interrupted by the seventh song, “Revelatio”, which is filled with blast beats and which brakes the monotony with a guitar solo; the riffs sound like the listener’s sanity is spiraling down the drain. The oppressive vibe is continued in the fifth song, “Apostasis”, in which schizophrenic-like howls are mixed with dissonant guitar riffs and blast beats. “Ex Tenebre Lucis” is the ninth song, which starts with aggressiveness and makes room for the last song, “Metanoia”. This last song has the key of the album, because the true meaning of this twelfth release from Blut Aus Nord is hidden here; the renewing of the spirit, the mystical concept of “repentance” and remorse.

Blut Aus Nord combine avant-garde black metal with a complex ideology, which we partly  find  in some of Deathspell Omega’s albums (e.g.: Kenose). The music is fast paced and the guitar style makes it sound chaotic but, with all that, the dissonant chords give way to a peaceful state of mind.  This new album is dynamic and mesmerizes the listener with mysterious and hypnotic notes. “The enigmatic French rulebreakers” managed to create an album full of musical and ideological contrasts which leaves the listener more aware of the occult side of art.


1. δημιουργός (create)

2. Chorea Macchabeorum

3. Impius

4. γνῶσις (gnosis; knowledge)

5. Apostasis

6. Abisme

7. Revelatio

8. ἡσυχασμός (complacency)

9. Ex tenebrae lucis

10. Métanoïa

Release Date: October 20th, 2017
Label: Debemur Morti Productions

Blut aus Nord - Deus Salutis Meæ
Blut aus Nord - Deus Salutis Meæ
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