Ater Era / Apa Sîmbetii / MTBA

September 24, Quantic Club, Bucharest

Sunday, September 24th, starting 20:00 hours, Ater Era and Apa Simbetii will perform in Quantic Club, Bucharest.

Ater Era is a Slovene extreme metal band characterized by a primal black metal sound and an unusual tendency towards psychedelic and ambient interference. In May 2013, “Beneath inanimate grime”, the second full length album, has been released through German label Pestilence records.

Apa Simbetii started out under the name “Smoke and Ash” in October 2008 at the initiative of Mihai Dinca (guitar) along with Iona Ambrosi (guitar), Ioana Pohontu (vocals), Mihnea (drums) and Lara (bass guitar). In 2013, they launched their first full-length release entitled “Nihil Sapient”.

Tickets are 15 Lei in presale and 25 Lei at the entrance, and will be available online soon.

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