Folk & Metal Fest IV 2017

September 29 – October 1, Quantic Club, Bucharest

Rusidava Music presents the 4th edition of Folk & Metal Fest, on September 29th and 30th 2017, in Quantic Club. There will be no tickets per day, the price of 2 days passes are as follows:

Presale 1 – 95 lei – 200 passes (less than 50 left)
Presale 2 – 105 lei – 200 passes
Presale 3 – 115 of them have 300 passes
Venue – 125 lei



23:00-00:30 Arkona
22:30-23:00 change over

21:30-22:30 Welicoruss
21:15-21:30 change over

20:30-21:15 Blodiga Skald
20:15-20:30 change over

19:30-20:15 Open Access
19:15-19:30 change over

18:45-19:15 Ka Gaia An
18:30-18:45 change over

18:00-18:30 Adastia

17:00 Open doors


23:30-01:00 Cruachan
23:10-23:30 change over

22:00-23:10 An Theos
21:30-22:00 change over

20:30-21:30 Grai
20:15-20:30 change over

19:30-20:15 Satana kozel
19:15-19:30 change over

18:45-19:15 Eternal Fire
18:30-18:45 change over

18:00-18:30 Recursive Delusion

17:00 Open doors

The passes can be purchased on and on their affiliated stores.

Arkona – slavic/ pagan folk metal
The most popular band in Russia returns to Romania after two years. This year, Arkona celebrates 15 years of activity and has prepared for their fans a special show and a 90-minute setlist for their anniversary tour, so we have the pleasure of listening to the best songs from all of their discography in Bucharest.

Cruachan – folk metal

We have the great pleasure of having some of our special guests at the 4th edition of Folk & Metal Fest, the veterans of the Irish folk metal – Cruachan – who were very excited to come back to Romania and promise a special, energetic show.
Grai – folk metal

The new sensation of European folk metal comes for the first time in Romania, at the 4th edition of the Folk & Metal Fest. Right from Tatarstan (Ru), they will visit the mioritic landscapes in Bucharest, where they promise to delight us with a energetic high class show.

Welicoruss – pagan / black metal

Having over 15 years of experience in the European metal scene and 4 studio albums, Welicoruss, a band that has performed at major Western festivals, promises an exceptional show.

An Theos – epic folk metal

One year after the release of the album ”Semintia Daca” accompanied by the video for ”Noaptea Sanzienelor”, the band prepares to release the LP ” Spre Cer ” which will be released at this event. The band is composed by 8 experienced members, their musical studies and collaborations with other bands leaving an imprint on their compositions.

Check the facebook event page for further details:



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