Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2017 edition

Another edition of Rockstadt Extreme Fest came to an end. This year was the 5th edition and the 4th I attended. The weather during this edition was favorable with...

Another edition of Rockstadt Extreme Fest came to an end. This year was the 5th edition and the 4th I attended. The weather during this edition was favorable with clear skies, which meant that people could leave their rain “gear” behind and enjoy the bands performing on stage and at the same time, the bands could enjoy a larger audience at their respective performances. We only had some drizzle in the last evening of the event, but it was nothing serious like the mud we had last year.

I would like to mention few things about food and drinks. The prices for drinks were decent, but the fridges didn’t quite manage to keep up with the high demand of beverages and the heat outside; therefore the best and safest way to have something cold at this festival was to get the draft beer. The bar’s setup was a good choice, right in the middle of the location with service on both sides for easy access. Overall the bar service seemed on time, as much as it was possible and within common sense. I can’t say the same thing about the food court, as the service there was very slow & the food wasn’t as good as it was last year.

Before turning my attention a little to the bands and the music, I would like to point out something which bothers me at every festival I am going to… people why do you need to throw the garbage on the grass/floor? I was carrying the empty bottles with me until I found a place to get rid of them.. is it that hard to be civilized?!

I won’t talk too much about the bands because I only had few favourites at this festival. Arcturus were the biggest surprise for me on Thursday night, also Diabolical were crazy on stage, very nice performance. Friday: Angrepp the main band of the night. They were in Romania for the first time here in Rasnov and they had a good performance and they also had Tibor (Grimegod) as guest for one song. I would like to add that the sound had some problems at the second stage.. the volume was way too loud and the voice was barely heard. Saturday: again Sweden won. IXXI were my fav band for this day. Too bad that Allochiria cancelled the show, I hope to see them next month in Bucharest (event here). I would like to add that there were too many core metal bands for my taste… I hope next year’s edition will bring a few more black metal bands. Sunday and the last day…Nile were a nice surprise as well (even if I am not a death metal fan myself). Good sound, nice people, despite the heavy rain which accompanied the entire evening. Opeth…no further comments but they were simply amazing. Mikael Åkerfeldt ’s voice is so calming and soothing. This was the first time I saw them and I was really impressed. I am looking forward to seeing them again soon!

Congrats to REF team, to the organizers and to all of those involved in this festival! See you again next year !

photo: Rockstadt Extreme Fest

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