Heretoir – The Circle

Black Metal/Depressive Rock

Heretoir is a band that combines Post-Rock with Shoegaze/Black Metal and Depressive Rock elements. The band was formed as a Solo project by Eklatanz (Agrypnie) in 2006 in the city of Augsburg, Germany.

The main lyrical themes of the band are Melancholy, Loss, Nostalgia, Isolation, The sun and Inner struggles. Heretoir music is a very fine combination of acoustic Post-Rock elements with aggressive Black Metal and none Metal frames, creating a soundtrack of profound thoughts and fears that rests in every human being. The music creates the perfect ambiance and balance of human feelings and struggles. Their music is recommended to fans who enjoy the music of bands like – Harakiri for the Sky, Lifelover, Lantlôs, Deafheaven, Alcest, Fen, Dopamine, Amesoeurs or An Autumn for Crippled Children.

After releasing their debut record in 2011 via Northern Silence Production the band came instantly into public attention. The material was very well received by fans and press and the band started to play live, sharing the stage with big acts like Alcest, Graveworm, Negură Bunget or Sólstafir.
After almost 6 years of internes work the band released on the 24th of March their second material, also via Northern Silence Production, entitled ,,The Circle”. This conceptual release outlines the fine and sinuous story of the cycle of life, death and rebirth. The mixture of heavy crushing riffing with atmospheric melancholy, portrays an emotional journey dedicated to life and freedom ending with the stage of death.

The material was recorded by Maximilian Forst at Forester Recording Studios in Munich from May to October 2016 and mastered by sound engineer Lasse Lammert. The cover art was designed by Fursy Teyssier. The drums where recorded by Tobias Schuler from Der Weg einer Freiheit and Stéphane “Neige” Paut from Alcest appears as a guest musician on track 9 of the album – “Laniakea Dances (Soleils Couchants)”. ,,The Circle” benefits of a better production then the previous record being mixed by Oliver Carell at Blastbeat Productions between October/November 2016. The intense mixture of melancholic elements with heavy grim Black Metal and powerful guttural singing makes this material a great release until now. I think that ,,The Circle” will be a blast album in every musical top that will be written. Highly recommended!

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