Sincarnate – In Nomine Homini

Doom/Death Metal

The band Sincarnate was founded in 2005 in Bucharest and they are playing Death Metal with heavy Doom and Black Metal influences. They released so far two EP’s (On the Procrustean Bed released via Axa Valaha in 2007 and Nothing Left to Give in 2013 released by Hatework) and one full length (As I Go Under in 2010 also via Hatework).

The bands main influences when we speak about lyrics are from domains like Philosophy and Religion but also a profound approach towards Feelings and Human Thinking. I personally find Sincarnate’s lyrics very conceptual and philosophical; having a good knowledge and image as an individual over the world’s view. The lyrics can also be very abstract sometimes but never losing their true meaning and sense and always foreshadowing a complete overview.

Sincarnate played over time multiple gigs in Romania, as individual concerts but also as opening act for other foreign bands. Since the beginning the band had the opportunity to share the stage with bands like Moonspell, Sodom, Nargaroth, Illdisposed, Lacrimosa, Obscura, Sado Sathanas, Agathodaimon, Demonic, Umbra et Imago or Impaled Nazarene. The band had also the opportunity to play in countries like Germany, Denmark, Slovenia, Poland, Moldova and Bulgaria. The most notable act was “At the Gates of Sehtu – European Tour”, during which Sincarnate toured opening for the legendary American band Nile, along Ex Deo, Lost Soul, Svart Crown and Saratan on multiple scenes across Europe.

The band will release their second full length album entitled “In Nomine Homini” also via Hatework on the 1st of April; playing as opening act for Czech legendary band Root, alongside Dead Void and Cardinal. The event is organized by the Official Romanian Thrash Metal Club and hosted by Fabrica Club in Bucharest.

The new material was recorded during June – September 2016 at the Consonance Studio in Timisoara. “In Nomine Homini” has been mixed and mastered during December 2016 – February 2017 by Edmond Karban, Cristian “Jimmy” Popescu (both members of Dordeduh, Sunset in the 12th House and Transceatla) and Andrei Jumuga. The recording line-up was the following: Andrei Jumuga – drums, Andrei Zala – bass, Marius Mujdei – vocals, Giani Stanescu – guitars, Cristian Stilpeanu – guitars.

The abstract cover artwork and design is signed by artist Flaviu Moldovan. “In Nomine Homini” will be published as a 6-fold digipack, with a 16 pages booklet but also as second limited edition with two bonus tracks, an 18 pages booklet with a different album cover.

The material contains 9 well-structured songs (or 11 songs for the limited edition version with two extra bonus tracks) with a total length of almost an hour. I have to admit that the first impression when I listened to this album was that the band changed their musical approach. Overall and at the first audition the record sounds more into Death Metal; having a firm brutal/technical sound, and being actually something new to my ears when we speak about the more doomish/melancholic sound that I used to now as Sincarnate. This record creates a religious atmosphere due to the use of Latin and catholic choruses. The songs are structured in a certain order so that the switching from one theme to another can go swiftly. The recipe is actually very simple; combing fast/mid tempo/double bass drumming, mixed with some powerful riffs and deep growls, Sincarnate successfully manages to create a very catchy Death Metal album with Doom/Black and Atmospherically elements. The sick combination between the extremely talented Andrei Jumuga drumming, Marius‘s guttural vocals, the choirs on the background and the heavy guitar riffing makes this album very original, marking Sincarnate as an original brand both in the Romanian underground scene but also in the international one.

My favorite songs from this material are: Attende Domine, The Grand Inquisitor and Lamentatio Christi. I can only recommend this new record to all metalheads out there; check this out it’s a blast.



1. Attende Domine
2. Agrat bat Mahlat
3. Curriculum Mortis
4. She-Of-The-Left-Hand (Sophia Pistis)
5. In Nomine Homini
6. The Grand Inquisitor
7. Lamentatio Christi
8. Dies Illa
9. L̄iwyᾱṯᾱn

Bonus tracks:
10. De Luctum Perpetuum
11. Atonement

Sincarnate - In Nomine Homini
Sincarnate - In Nomine Homini
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