FUNERAL BAPTISM sign with Loud Rage Music

Black Metal

Funeral Baptism, the Bucharest Black Metal duo that recently took the Romanian Extreme Metal scene by storm with the release of their excellent second EP, Gate, have just reached an agreement with Loud Rage Music regarding the upcoming release of the band’s debut album, scheduled for the second part of this year.

Gate, the band’s second EP and first in a duo line-up, is now available for free streaming and downloading here:, a preview of what the full-length album will have to offer.

Funeral Baptism was formed back in 2014 in Villa Gessel, Argentina by guitarist Damian Batista. The same year, the “Blasphemous Desires” EP is released, showing a straightforward black metal style with an atmospheric twist. In 2016 the band is relocated to Bucharest, Romania and with the inclusion of new vocalist, Liviu UstinescuFuneral Baptism releases their second EP named “Gate” in March 2017.

This new EP introduces a more aggressive style adding a death metal influence yet retaining the atmospheric overtones of the first release.

At the moment the band’s line-up is made of 2 members:

Damian (ex-Akral Necrosis) – guitar/bass
Liviu (Din Umbra) – vocals/lyrics

Here are the band’s and label’s website, bandcamp and contact:

Funeral Baptism:

Loud Rage Music:

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