Interview with Vanhelga

Positive music for positive people

Hello J. Ottosson,first of all I would like to thank you on the behalf of Din Intunerec staff for accepting this interview,so to start things up how are things going over there?

Regardless of the circumstances everything is positive over here. A lot of stuff happenening for us and we have a lot to do.

For the start,can you tell us how things started with Vanhelga and what means in general and for you especially?

Vanhelga started out as a one man project in the early days. Basically I was tired of compromising with other musicians and felt that this was the natural next step for me. As a one man project I could do the stuff exactly the way I wanted them. Over the years I met other like-minded people and decided to abandon the one man concept, mostly  to be able to perform liveshows but also to expand Vanhelgas creative horizons. Vanhelga is about saying fuck you to the world and walk your own path by questioning and rebel against the morals and rules of society. For me personally it is about enlightenment.

Concerning your public statement,”positive music for positive people”,how did you came up with it and what is it’s meaning?

It is a very ironic statement. Our art is a lot about contrasts and irony. Basically the meaning is the total opposite of the statement.

Also,can you give us some information about your upcoming release,”Ode & Elegy”,about it’s artwork and the ideas that come with it?

As with all our releases we try to explore new areas and we try not to repeat ourselves. For this release we describe the deteriorating state of a young woman who is slipping further and further into depression and darkness. We worked closely with her and she provided her insights in the shape of diary entries that she wrote while being hospitalized and commited to various asylums.

By the way,as you already confirmed some dates for 2017,do you have some plans on touring?

Yes, in December 2016 we go on tour in Russia and Belarus.

To sum things up,do you have anything to share with your followers?

Remember that life is overrated.

Thanks once again J.Ottosson for taking the time to answear my question,cheers!

Thank you.





interview by Adrian Balent

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