Interview with Fredrik Norrman

October Tide

Hello Fredrik, it’s nice to talk to you again! So how have you been? Later this month you will release the 5th album “Winged Waltz ” so what can you tell me about it? What are your expectations on it?
Hello! I´ve been very good thanx. Album is finished, which feels incredibly good, so there´s not much to complain about. But what´s to say about it. It feels like a mix of Grey dawn and Tunnel of no light but more vicious, dark and diverse. It also have an aggressiveness the other albums lack. So far we´ve got pretty good reviews. My biggest expectation is that this album will generate many gigs.

Why “Winged Waltz” ? Why this name?
The title and the whole album layout is inspired from the lyrics of the song Swarm. It’s the one of our guest writers, Lawrence Jonathan, who wrote the words for that song. When you read the lyrics it really painting pictures in your head. There’s like a movie rolling.

I listened those 3 songs which are streaming on Youtube at the moment, and my favourite is Nursed by the cold. Tell me a bit about it; the lyrics, the instrumental part of it. How have you found reactions to the new material amongst fans?
The instrumental parts came to me when I had been listening to the new Ghost album, Meliora. I really got inspired and the track wrote itself really fast. I’m not sure if I dare to share my vision on the lyrics since I don’t wanna ruin anybody else vision. It’s up to each listener to build up his/her own vision around the lyrics.

When you have a couple of albums to your name is it easier to write a new one knowing that you have a history to fall back on?
I’m not sure. If we speak musically it’s always a bit tricky I guess. Finding new ways and not repeat yourself. The other side is people’s expectations. That’s even more tricky;)

This European tour will possibly include Romania?
No, it will not.  But I’m sure we’ll find our way there. Hopefully sooner than later.

In 3 words describe what October Tide means to you.
Latenight fun, away to ventilate myself, cofee.

Thank you for the interview ! Do you have a message for your fans in Romania, who are many and who wish to see you live again?
Go nag on your local or festival promoters to book us. Hopefully we’ll meet soon. Thanx

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