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Death Metal

I listened to Tanin live for the first time in PUB S4 Bacau, opening for Kistvaen, together with Hteththemeth and False Reality. A Melodic Death Metal band, a really young band from which I hope to hear for a long time from now on. Below you’ll find a short interview.

Hi, how are you and what’s new lately?

Hi! First, we work full heartedly! Second, we are busy rehearsing.

I hope neither me nor others are mistaken when we’re saying Tanin is some sort of mioritical Hypocrisy  Why did you chose this genre, and how did you manage to gather so many fans in the Metal Underground scene, in such a short time since you debuted?

I must admit Hypocrisy is a source of inspiration, next to lots of other bands. Meanwhile we tried to give a shape to our style, and to make it sound as unique as possible. We chose this style for a simple reason: diversity! We try not to limit our music to Melodic Death Metal. I wouldn’t know what to say about the fans! If we have them, than we wish to thank them for being close to us.

Tell me about your beginnings, how hard or how easy it was to grow this band in such a short time, and how does the public react to what you sing.

It all started “in a beautiful summer day in 2014”! Me and Em thought to record some ideas in a studio improvised in his house, and we decided to leave it as a project on the internet (youtube, facebook, and so on). In a week or two, we already had 5 songs, and we were really satisfied about how it all turned out! At first we had many songs which were not polished, so we chose what we thought it was ok in terms of compositional structure. We selected 5 songs and so the EP “A New Journey” was born. At that time, we really didn’t think of something spectacular but the reactions were surprising! A lot of persons abroad wished the EP in a physical format but we thought it is better to leave it like this, only for the internet. Suddenly we had our first tour with Kistvaen. In fact, they helped us a lot! As to how the public reacts to what we sing: struggle, chase, head bang, elbows, kicks, tits.

Please describe this EP. When can we expect the first album?

The EP treats many themes: the demons (This Is Not the End), creatures who love the dark or people that wish solitude (We Are Going Down), useless wars (Brothers Die for Me), fanaticism, narcissism, recklessness (Madness), extraterrestrials that leave their own planet (Home). We wish to have the album ready this year, more precisely in summer, autumn! We aim for it to be “THE BEST”! It will be called “Argathan” and right now I don’t know how many songs it will have. Argathan is an invented name and we will tell you more about this name when we’ll release the album

Which was the perfect concert for you by now, and on the stage of which event from us or abroad do you wish to perform?

You’d be surprised but all the concerts were perfect, for us as a band in the first place! We forgot to tell you something: the guys from Bucovina helped us a lot as well, and it was an honor to perform with them here in the capital, and in Timisoara! Buti is realy det and we wish to thank him for his support! This year I wish we’d perform in a big festival… and we aim to get as high as possible! Probably the fall will be very beautiful as well!

Recently you have Alex from Kistvaen / Depths in your line-up. Why did you change your drummer?

That’s easy: he is an excellent drummer from my point of view! We know each other for a long time, we have sung together for some time and he is on the same page with what’s happening in Tanin.

Besides releasing the first Tanin album and I suppose a promoting tour, what other surprises should we expect from you?

Perhaps time will offer us many surprises… it’s all about time and context!

Thank you for the interview. If you have anything else to add, the last words are yours.

Thank you! This is not the end!

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