Cold Grave Party: Old Grave Fest 9 – Day 0

Old Grave Fest (powered by our very own favorite psychos from RTMC) is maybe one of the best Underground indoor metal festivals from Eastern Europe. In a place like this, where...

Old Grave Fest (powered by our very own favorite psychos from RTMC) is maybe one of the best Underground indoor metal festivals from Eastern Europe.

In a place like this, where everyone focuses on organizing mainstream shows, OLD GRAVE, along with COLD GRAVE  and METAL BUNKER, are like a breath of fresh air!

This is more than a music festival, it’s about claiming the old-school tradition and it’s about fans because this festival is made by fans for fans, without a business purpose or consideration.

So far, every edition was awesome & insane and this year’s edition made no exception. As a tradition, Old Grave Fest 9 took place on the second weekend of October, this time, on the 7th and 8th, preceded by COLD GRAVE ( the now traditional, pre-party, powered by Metal Bunker) that took place on the 6th.

Cold Grave Party is an initiative meant to keep things more underground and on a more intimate level. Basically, during the main festival one will find a variety of styles. The warm-up party, instead, focuses on one cup of tea.
This year was all about the extreme side of the story, the attention turning to underground death and black metal, not necessarily taken separately.


-Or how to start the madness in the best tradition!-

Everything started according to schedule around  19:00 (open doors) and the first band that officially opened the madness were Putred a local death metal band, which hit the stage at 20:00 sharp.

On a personal matter, I was very curious to see them live. When one says Putred, the first thing that comes to my mind is  “Reek of Putrefaction”, so I tend to connect some expectations related to it. However, they play a brand of pretty melodic, classic (think of Florida, and by Florida I mean Death) death metal. They seemed very proficient and technical with their work, delivering a clean and sharp show with great riffs and solos.

Even if as a band they are at the beginning, one could see the guys have some years of experience in playing their instruments, though the vocal need to work on his stage presence. Nevertheless, the initiative is really great in the local context and they are down to business so KUDOS to them!

They were followed up by  Rotheads, a local death metal band, that already settled its place in the scene.
Even though their setlist consisted mostly of songs from the band’s first releases, this time it felt like they had a more particular sound of Doom. Their performance was sharp and very clear. The drums were really hitting the spot filling perfectly in with that kind of fast putrid riffs played by the book.

A short brief and the long-awaited headliner for the night Uraniavore Goatphago followed up.
With a brand new, smashing, special new formula, the atmosphere was completely challenged by some good ol’ bestiality in the be(a)st tradition.
They played with fast and dirty riffs full of blasphemy – a great ingredient for an unforgettable show. The blasphemous atmosphere, they created, simply engaged every piece of the venue, so that one couldn’t stay indifferent.

Blasphemy is a hard job, but someone has to do it, and who else could have made it better than Uraniavore Goatphago?! It was one hell of a show, that gave the wildness back to the night.

All pics featured in this review were taken by our friend and fellow member Gheorghe Paraschiv.
Here you can find more photos from COLD GRAVE!

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