ASPHYX released ‘The Nameless Elite’ single 2021

ASPHYX launch “The Nameless Elite” single and video off upcoming album “Necroceros”!
ASPHYX, the Old School Death Metal commando just released “The Nameless Elite” single and video off upcoming album “Necroceros” earlier today and the impact is great! There are around 10.000 views in just 6 hours.

ASPHYX frontman Martin van Drunen checked in about the song and clip as follows:
“This third single of our forthcoming ‘Necroceros’ album is entitled “The Nameless Elite” and is about modern-day warfare, especially about the brave men and women in the many international elite units that combat any form of terror to protect us all against violent acts of insanity.
We thought the location at the Overloon War Museum was a fantastic one to shoot a video for any kind of song dealing about war and the Sherman tank in the clip actually did serve during WWII on the battlefields in that area. It may not be directly related to the content of the track, but ASPHYX is a band that has always and will always take on any subject concerning war, without glorifying it. War is Hell.
We would very much like to thank the wonderful cooperative people of the Overloon War Museum in The Netherlands for giving us permission to shoot there, causing pleasant chaos with our noise and smoke!”
ASPHYX will release its 10th studio album, “Necroceros“, on January 22, 2021 via Century Media Records, followed by a free nice fucking big Live Streaming CD Release Show at Metropool in Holland! The set will be played and streamed live (only once!), from the Jupiler Stage in Hengelo, so Asphyx fans from all over the world can attend the one and only CD Release Party – so tune in at January 23, 2021 at 21:00 hours (CET) / 22:00 hours (EET / Romania time)! And yeah, it’s free!
The up-coming ‘Necroceros’ LP was recorded at Tom Meier’s Tom Meier Studio and at Paul Baayens’s The Mörserstudio, and mixed and mastered by Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann at Greenman Studios, a ‘shot in the dark’ that proved to be right, after working like since forever with the famous Swedish producer Dan Swano and his Unisound Studio, as Martin Van Drunen mentioned in one of his recent interviews.
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