Primordial-the first headliner for Metal Gates Festival 2020

Primordial-the first headliner for Metal Gates Festival 2020

Final Step Productions have good news:

“We’ve been a little bit silent over the past weeks, given the fact of the current situation, but we are alive and kicking, and would like to start making some more announcements for Metal Gates Festival 2020.

Primordial is the first headliner we are proud to present. The band needs no introduction to the Romanian audience. Three years and one album later, they will be back in Bucharest, to spread the powerful Irish heathen music over Metal Gates once again.

You can get your ticket here:

Sharing will help a lot!”

Metal Gates Festival will take place In Quantic Club between 15-17 October 2020.

Here is a video from 2017 edition:





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