Virvum confirmed for Deathfest 2020

Virvum confirmed for Deathfest 2020

Virvum is the first band confirmed for Deathfest 2020.

Deathfest will take place on May 15, 2020, at Quantic Club and it is promoted by Axa Valaha Productions.

When a relatively unknown Swiss band released their debut album ‘Illuminance’ in 2016, only insiders suspected the massive impact it would stir. Yet it was on the strength of this release that VIRVUM were offered to sign on Season of Mist. Now their new home is reissuing ‘Illuminance’, which is to be available on vinyl for the first time.

VIRVUM was founded by childhood friends in 2007 and since then the aspiring and hard-working musicians continuously fine-tuned and honed the tracks of their first full-length to match their burgeoning skills.

VIRVUM first got noticed when guitarist and main songwriter Nic Gruhn happily took the offer to join a European tour with California’s progressive death metal pioneers FALLUJAH while also opening for such renowned bands as SUFFOCATION and CEPHALIC CARNAGE in 2013. On the return of their guitarist, VIRVUM immediately set out to perform as many shows as possible in order to establish the band in Europe.

With their professional attitude, the exceptional technical prowess of each individual musician, and last but never least the outstanding collective songwriting skills, the Swiss are now ready for the next step. While VIRVUM creates a new monstrous record in studio, their amazing debut ‘Illuminance’ is made available again.

Credits: Season of Mist

Infos about tickets soon!

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