Ordinul Negru/ Kolac/ Nocturn/ Váthos at Quantic Club!

Ordinul Negru/ Kolac/ Nocturn/ Váthos at Quantic Club!

On December 6, Quantic Club host a new underground ritual.

Ordinul Negru is a project made by Fulmineos in 2004.
Ordinul Negru is one of the longest-running and hardest working extreme metal bands hailing from Romania. “Faustian Nights” is the eighth full-length within a time frame of twelve years making up for a pretty impressive track record. That’s not all as main man Fulmineos is also spearheading a bunch of other bands and projects. Another welcomed surprise on this album is the presence of tulnic, a traditional Romanian instrument. The passages are sung by no other than Edmond Karban (Huppogramos Disciples) from Dordeduh!

Serbians have always been known for their grim and aggressive approach to Black Metal, direct and to the point, and our guests from KOLAC are no exception. Part of the ‘Slavic wave of the second wave’ and recommended to us by one of the Serbian scene veterans, Mr Milan Rakic, known for his early involvement into such cult acts as May Result or The Stone and the owner of Grom Records, Kolac will visit Bucharest for the very first time to deliver a lethal dose of nasty-sounding riffs, vitriolic vocals and drums’ bombardments strongly influenced by the masters of the genre.

Nocturn, a young band from Timisoara, is the third guest for this night. They are active since 2006 and they have two full-lengths.

Váthos, from Bucharestapproach post-black metal. They are a familiar presence on the local stage.

Tickets: HERE

Facebook event: ordinul negru/ kolac/ nocturn/ váthos la quantic

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