Dool to release new EP “Love Like Blood”

Dool from the Netherlands

Dool have announced the release of a 10” of their cover song “Love Like Blood” by the Killing Joke. It is due to be released on the 17th of May 2019.

Dool was formed in 2015 and is a prog dark rock five piece from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The band’s name means “to wander” in Dutch.


Ryanne van Dorst – Vocals/Guitar
Micha Haring – Drums (ex-The Devil’s Blood)
JB Van Der Wal – Bass Guitar (ex-The Devil’s Blood)
Reinier Vermeulen – Guitar
Nick Polak – Guitar

So far, Dool has released two singles, both in 2016, one entitled “Oweynagat” and the other “She Goat” and a full length album through Prophecy Productions entitled “Here Now, There Then” in 2017.

The decision to record and release a 10” EP of the song “Love Like Blood” has been taken by the band, since they have been playing it, through the band’s own words “for quite some time now”; the original version of the song is played by the band “Killing Joke” and the version Dool will be releasing is an adapted version of it.

The EP will be released on the 17th of May through Prophecy Productions.

Pre-order of the 10” can be done via (physical format)


directly on the band’s bandcamp page (digital format).


  1. Love Like Blood
  2. She Goat (Live at Rock Hard Festival)
  3. In Her Darkest Hour (Live at Rock Hard Festival)
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