Candlemass at Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2019

Candlemass at Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2019

The Swedish band Candlemass will play at Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2019 which will take place between August 1 and 4, 2019 near Rasnov Fortress. Johan Längquist, who returns as a vocalist after 32 years of absence, marks the return to the roots of the band, to the essence that made this musical project possible.

Candlemass is a defining project for the international doom metal scene, the very name of this genre deriving from the debut album of the band, “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” (1986). The band formed by Leif Edling had several formulas, two hiatus instances (in 1994 and 2002) and two spectacular comebacks – a tumultuous history that left his mark on the discographic materials that included many reference pieces for listeners of this genre.

The Swedes have ensured their reputation as early as the debut album, which continued in the next three years when they released three more albums, each of them appearing at a distance of approx. 12 months against the other: “Nightfall” (1987), “Ancient Dreams” (1988) and “Tales of Creation” (1989). Also during this period (1980-1990), Candlemass went on numerous tours, although his composition was far from solid, the band starting to change from the second album. His debates culminated in 1992 with his first break, shortly after the release of “Live” (1990), the band’s first live album. 
After a silence of 10 years, Candlemass reunites and holds a series of shows, releasing a second live album, the DVD “Documents of Doom” and announcing that they began to work on a new material. The differences of opinion, however, splitted out the band for the second time in 2002. But only two years later, they returned and released a new album, “Candlemass”, with which they awarded their Swedish version Grammy in 2005. They were followed by “King of the Gray Islands” (2007, recorded with vocals Robert Lowe – “Solitude Aeturnus”), “Death Magic Doom” (2008, originally called “Hammer of Doom” Psalms for the Dead “, appearing in 2012 under a new label – Napalm Records.

In 2013, Candlemass was voted “Rock of the World’s Most Important Hard Rock / Metal All Time” by Rock Magazine, the most important hard rock magazine in Scandinavia and the best-selling rock magazine in Sweden. And after three years, the band released the EP “Death Thy Lover,” which marked the 30th anniversary of the release of the debut album “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus”.

This year, the Swedes launched a new EP called “House of Doom”, the homonym song being also the soundtrack of an online game.

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