Schammasch and Ektomorf confirmed for Rockstadt Extreme Fest

Schammasch and Ektomorf at REF 2019


The band name Schammasch comes from Shamaš (or Utu), the God of sun / justice in the Sumerian / Mesopotamian mythology. It is a band established in Basel, Switzerland (2009), which although not self-defined as a particular musical style, has a specific sound in which black / death metal influences are combined with dark atmospheric rock, doom and hermetic mysticism.

One year after its birth, Schammasch released its first album, entitled “Sic Lvceat Lvx”, well received by the critics, the German magazine “Legacy magazine (The Voice from the Dark Side)”, saying: “About this artistic project there’s only one recommendation: go, buy it and you will not regret it! “The band then began their live show series alongside other names of the extreme metal such as Jex Thoth, Temple of Baal, Vorkreist or Forgotten Tomb.

The second album (double album, 2014), Contradiction, dominated by occultism and doom and dark accents, draws attention to the international press, Metal Hammer (UK) describing it as “the brain, capable of absorbing you totally, one of the most overwhelming albums of the year. ” Also, the avant-garde black metal band Schammasch goes on its first international tour, alongside Dark Fortress and Secrets of the Moon, enthusiastically received across Europe. 2014 was the year when the band’s visibility grew rapidly, appearing on most of the “best-list” musicals, including the shortlist of recommendations made by the well-known German publication RockHard Magazine.

The rise continued with the third album, “Triangle” (2016), which shows that the band is not afraid to experience new sounds, avoiding the recycling of a celebrated formula that has brought their celebrity. The material includes 3 LPs, each with a duration of 33:30 minutes and a totally different style from the others, designed to play the role of one of the three phases of the “Triangle” album concept.


Ektomorf is one of the most appreciated metal bands in Hungary, with a strong style, resulting from the merging of metal trash with influences from the Gypsy folklore. Established by Zoltán Farkas in the early 1990s, the band became more and more known on the Hungarian musical scene in 1998, crossing the border when signing the first international contract.

The strong accents of thrash metal, combined with hardcore elements and the musicality of traditional Gypsy style, brought the band the international success and collaboration with the renowned Nuclear Blast German record label that put its mark on albums like Destroy, Instinct, Outcast “. In 2010, Ektomorf launches “Redemption” under a new label (AFM Records), an energetic album featuring social criticism and human soul or hate themes. Then came materials such as “The Acoustic”, “Black Flag” that brings a more sophisticated sound or “Retribution”, an intense album, well received by fans and critical criticism. In 2017, the band released “Warpath,” a CD / DVD featuring the full-featured live show at the Wacken Open Air 2016, alongside a documentary of “behind the scenes” of their touring life, titled ” Live And Life On The Road. ”

The band’s musical uplift continued, with Ektomorf becoming a regular presence at some of Europe’s biggest festivals, such as Wacken Open Air, Full Force, Sziget Festival or Rock Am Ring.

Tomorrow, 04 November 2018, is the last day for passes at 270 lei. After this date, the passes will cost 300 lei until January 20, 2019.

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