Death Fest – 10 Years

R. Smegma, Blutrina, Senzar, B.Pestilence

Dear readers, we kindly advise you to  hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husband and lose any contact with your therapist because  Uncle Coro’s cat dragged in some news – let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth:


In 2008, Ribcage Booking put Oradea on the map of extreme metal with a series of periodic events under the aegis of Death Fest. And that’s how The Arson Project (Sweden), Wormrot (Singapore), Sanatorium (Slovakia), Stillbirth (Germany), Angerseed (Hungary) and many other overseas bands came to perform at Oradea, together with some of our very own heroes-maniacs such as Spiritual Ravishment or none other than Pavilionul32.

“On 19th October 2018, at 20:00, Ribcage Booking, in partnership with the Axa Valaha Productions, ends this journey with an anniversary concert in the same underground vein, bringing it to the same scene in Quantic as follows:

  • Rectal Smegma (Gore Dance and Good Will) – Netherlands
  • Blutrină (death grind in pampers – Timisoara, RO)
  • Senzar (ex-Coldwar, death metal / dark hardcore – Ireland)
  • Black Pestilence (black metal punx – Canada)
  • Malpraxis (brutal death chili con carne – Cluj-Napoca, RO)

Access: 30 lei (anticipated) / 40 lei (at the entrance)

Fun and Slam – unlimited! “

Rectal Smegma


Black Pestilence



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