New bands for Haywire Festival 2018

Haywire Festival 2018

Haywire Festival returns this fall with its 3rd edition, this time being held at Reflektor Venue, Timisoara. Like the first two editions, the line-up will be eclectic, covering genres from black metal, progressive rock, math rock to post rock, sludge metal, space rock, stoner rock and psychedelic. The festival is an independent one, driven by the passion for music by members of Methadone Skies. The bands present at each edition are carefully chosen, each approaching a different genre in order to create a more complex experience for the participating audience.
The Haywire Festival 2018 will take place on November 23-24, in which a total of 10 bands from 9 different countries will hold live shows. 6 were already announced, such as Kauan [UA], Vulture Industries [NOR], Toner Low [NDL], DorDeDuh [RO], Last Rizla [GRE] and Mental Architects [BLG].

Kauan will play in Romania for the second time. They are from Ukraine and they are a post-rock/ art metal kind of band. Kauan for sure is not one of these generic folk metal bands, nor it is a post-rock with overly touchy feelings. Being familiar with their music, one can safely assume that Kauan’s musicians love to experiment and blend many genres into one. Kauan released a new full length called “Kaiho” in 2017.

Vulture Industries started in 1998 as Dead Rose Garden. After some line-up changes the band changed its name to Vulture Industries in 2003. They are very dramatic and expressive on stage. If you are a fan of avant-garde metal or you like band such as Arcturus and Virus, then you should love Vulture Industries.

Toner Low approach a incredible mixture of stoner rock and doom. They are from Netherlands and they have plenty recorded material. Droning, sludgy, vibrating, groggy, and even spacey; these are all descriptions that could be used for Toner Low‘s almost drowning brand of stoner-doom.

Our friends from DorDeDuh will delight us once again with their mesmerizing riffs and, hopefully, with new material.

Last Rizla from Greece will capture the scene. They were present last month in Bucharest with a great show.The band was on fire from the first note to the last.

Mental Architects are a math rock duo formed in 2001 in Sofia, Bulgaria  with a third effort issued in the spring of 2010 which had pretty much nothing to do with the previous releases of the band.


We will be back with other band announcements.


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