Psychosounds: Metal Ladies Night IV

When you go to a concert where you know no band, you don’t usually have any expectations. You just go and wait to get surprised. That’s exactly how I...

When you go to a concert where you know no band, you don’t usually have any expectations. You just go and wait to get surprised. That’s exactly how I went on “Psychosounds: Metal Ladies Night IV”. It was some excitement, though, because you never know what’s your favorite band.  I got to the club a bit early so I could manage my camera settings and get to talk with people.

First thing that hit me when I entered the club, was the cold. At first it seemed bearable and I thought the cause of it was the open door, but after a while I figured the whole club was chilly. By the time the show started, I had to take my coat back from the wardrobe because I was freezing. The people were gathering pretty fast, but I didn’t count more than 50 all night.


The first band on stage was “Aeon Sun”, a Gothic/Black metal from Sibiu, and quite a newbie in the music industry. In spite their “heavy” approach, I got many symphonic vibes from their songs, may be even a bit of Nightwish influence in the female vocals. Even if the band doesn’t  have a full album yet, they played a full set and no covers. Unfortunately, the club’s stage is not big enough for a band of six people and they were a bit crowded. Still, there was much energy and enthusiasm. The sound was good, there were no technical problems but I wish the volume on vocals would’ve been higher.


Next band was “Linear Disorder”, which had a familiar sound and I might have heard of them before. A young band with young members from Bucharest. Even if I was a bit surprised to hear a Rammstein and an Insomnium cover at the end, the whole concert was not impressing. The sound went a bit down and, again, the vocals could not be easy heard. Also, the lead singer talked to the public and there was a slightly communication but, overall, the energy lacked. Fast riffs, hard drums, which were ok for a Melodic Death Metal band for I would appreciate an extra effort for the melodic part. I was excited to see a girl as a bass player, because I know that is not an easy instrument to play.

Fatal Cliche” was, for my surprise, a band from Italy. A Symphonic/Power metal band, with strong Nightwish influences and a full album, released in 2017. Their lead singer, and the only woman in the band, was surely the leader from what I could tell. She was very secure on her position and repeatedly asked for sound modifications, which was funny to see. They played songs from their album “Commonplays” and ended the show with a Nightwish cover of  “She is my Sin”. I can’t say there was much communication with the public or energy but there was sure enthusiasm.

The last band and yet the most expected one was “Vision of Madness”, who got up the stage to end the night big way. The hardcore band from Bucharest came with a blast of energy. It was like a fist in my face after a nice talk with a nice person. The lead singer was jumping from one point of the stage to the other, it was almost impossible to take a clear shot of her. Unfortunately, they had some technical issues because the snare drum’s cover broke after thre third song. It took almost half an hour to replace it. This small problem was no down for the band as the show went on. I’ve heard some fast riffs and very hard and impressing vocals (coming from a lady). Even if that wasn’t my cup of tea, I enjoyed the whole show, which ended around 1:30 am.

The night was quite an interesting experience but I was happy when it ended because I had to get away from the cold. On my way out, I stopped to the merch stand, where I saw a little something from every band that played the night.

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