Auðn – Farvegir fyrndar

Atmospheric Black Metal

It is very interesting that in a short period of time Iceland has produced a significant number of amazing Black Metal bands and what is even more fascinating is that most of them come from Reykjavík.

Auðn was formed in 2010 in the small town of Hveragerði, just a few kilometers South-Est from the capital of Iceland. The talented musicians moved very fast and in 2014 they released their self-entitled debut album, a record that was very well reviewed by the media. The band played at Eistnaflug Festival, one of the most important metal event in Iceland and won the third place at Wacken Metal Battle contest in 2016.

Due to the fact that their talent was quickly recognized the band moved rapidly and on November 10th 2017 Auðn released the second album entitled “Farvegir fyrndar” (“Ancient Riverbeds”) via prestigious French label Season of Mist. With this record the band not only demonstrated a mature approach towards songwriting and expression but also created their own Black Metal sound.

Auðn sets off a new epic and atmospheric journey delivering haunting melodies with icy cold themes and infernal growls, without using any effects or keyboards. The most interesting part of this record is the precise fusion of heavy melodic guitar riffing that grows throughout this journey, starting with tracks like “Veröld Hulin”, “Ljósaslæður”, “Eilífar Nætur” and ending with my favorite “Í Hálmstráið Held” that instantly gives you goosebumps.

Actually, the English translation of the band’s name is “Desolation” and I personally think that this is exactly what the band wants to dispatch with their music. As expected and also as the first full length was welcomed by the critics, this new material is definitely one excellent journey through the wild, harsh and icy landscapes of Iceland.

“Farvegir fyrndar” isn’t something new for the metal scene but the manner in which Auðn is playing on this material is absolutely fantastic. In my opinion this record is highly recommended and it is also one of my favorites for this year.



Auðn on bandcamp and Facebook.


You can buy the new full length via Season of Mist.




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