Interview with Andreea ( Visions of Madness)

"Visions of Madness is a 4-piece female fronted hc/punk/metal band from Bucharest"

Hello Andreea and thank U for accepting my invitation! To begin with tell us about your band, Visions of Madness.

Hi, Miruna! Thanks a lot for your support and congrats for this awesome project concerning women in metal!

Visions of Madness is a 4-piece female fronted hc/punk/metal band from Bucharest, merging elements from metal subgenres with a twisted underground view, hectic energy and dark passages; themes such as social and existential issues, human degradation, the ephemeral nature of life, the lack of values and ultimately exposing the invisible cage and daily injustices.

We started in 2015 and in September we had our first gig @ Something for the Core IV. Since then we managed to release an EP (you can find it on bandcamp or contact us here for CDs), experienced great shows and worked hard to improve our sound. Along the way we met some great people who helped us and they practically boost our confidence, enabling our project and creativity. 


How was the EP received by the public since you are a young band here in Ro?

Overall it was positive, kinda chaotic for those who crave for or a specific sound or genre. Being our first release we learned a lot from it and taking into account the circumstances and the time invested in this project it turned out alright.

Vertigo was based on different states and complexities of the human condition, how we perceive the world and how we are affected by others, how we can pass our fears, judgement, fury against society and its rules, inoculated ideas and the neverending fight for individuality and having a voice.

Since I’m very interested in the horror/sci-fi culture and dystopies of any kind (books, visual arts..), it certainly had an impact on my vocals and lyrics & I always felt that the theatrics and nuances behind a voice give a deeper meaning in understanding a band and its message.

What do you think about Romanian metal scene? (ups and downs)

It’s on the right track, still a baby regarding gigs and management, but you have to be realistic and see that change doesn’t happen in a day, especially in a country with our recent history…  so bottom line I’m enthusiastic towards future.

At what age did you began to listen metal? Who or what band do you consider as being the main influence for the music you make today?

I started in highschool and I’ve always oscillated between extreme metal and punk and I kept my curiosity awake, searching constantly a new style or band, thing that helped me a lot on finding my niche. I can’t name just one band but I can definitely name a few that made me click and transported me to find out their story and reflect on my own.

So here it goes: Sacrilege, Amenra, Fall of Efrafa, Integrity, Carcass, Agalloch, Instinct of Survival, His Hero Is Gone, Iskra, Oathbreaker, Sanctum, Counterblast, Effigy, Axegrinder, Amebix, Jungbluth, Filth of Mankind, Morgoth, Ahab, Napalm Raid, Agrimonia, humanhostbody, Wolfbrigade, Cara Neir, Full of Hell, Misery, Cursed, Code Orange, Hexis, Pig Destroyer, Young & In The Way, Regarde les hommes tomber, Cough, Buried at Sea, Trash Talk, Axidance, Muga, Coffinworm, Windhand, Riffle Diet, Punch, Abhorrence, Purtenance, Demilich, Rippikoulu, Witch Cult, Anti Cimex, Discharge, Extinction of Mankind, Nails, Dystopia, Masakari, Conflict, Merchant, Omega Massif, Solstafir, Wolves in the Throne Room, Cloud Rat, Martyrdod, Driller Killer, Aus-Rotten, Doom, Dropdead, Noothgrush, Corrupted, Primitive Man, Hellshock, Appalachian Terror Unit, Ictus, Antisect, Ekkaia, Skitsystem, Svffer, Tragedy, Agnosy, Bauhaus, Gallhammer and many more…


What means “Visions of Madness” ? what is behind this name?

Visions of Madness has its roots in Visions of Eternity by Salvador Dali and you can find an explanation right here: ‘’This painting is all about The Great Emptiness. We have a wanderer in the background, and a dark shadow figure who is quite literally coming apart at the seams. We are all on the verge of collapse at any given moment, are we not? To me, this represents the world and its inhabitants as all floating aimlessly, and all damned to continue doing so for eternity. Over and over again, generation begets new generation. Rinse and repeat’’, Jamie Davis.

Adding madness instead of eternity seemed right at outlining the despair of our times and actually embracing that everybody has issues and their actions cover a deeper story than we think.

Because lots of ppl ask themselves what has to do a woman with metal, I started a project based on this idea. My target is to talk with most remarcable women in metal. I want to know your honest opinion: Do you think that a female vocalist can give credit to a band or is this a disadvantage? What about a woman which is the main vocalist?

If you are passionate enough and work hard the gender doesn’t matter. Performing in front of an audience is an exchangeable experience and aside from you screaming your lungs out on the stage, people connect more when you expose your feelings and tell a story.

Do you feel there are any differences of treatment towards women in the underground music scene, as compared to men?

No, and if it happens, fuck’em! :)) If you really want something, then do it & kick ass, you’re not there to satisfy anyone’s expectations. Nonetheless, you have to be proud that you’re a woman in an extreme band!

Did you considered the idea of going out of Romania for concerts?

Yes, touring outside the country would be great for our evolution and of course getting more feedback and learning to manage our project better.

What we can expect from U in the future? More concerts? A new album?

Yeah, more concerts, right now we keep ourselves busy with writing new songs and being active in this little world called underground. We have been thinking about working on another EP so stay tuned and watch our page.

Thank you again dear for your time ! Was a pleasure for me ☺ last words belong to you…

Thanks, it was a pleasure, too! My last words would sound like this: Discover a new band every day, it can change your life! Listen to our music and come to our shows, cheers!

photos by: Anca Coleașă

Miruna Vitriol for Din Intunerec


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