False Reality – End of Eternity

Melodic Death/Black

False Reality was born in December 1998 in Brașov, Romania. At the beginning, the band’s main influences where artists such as Dream Theatre, Samael, Crematory or Anathema. The band’s musical style was Gothic Metal at first, but they evolved very quickly to an original combination of Melodic Death/Doom Metal.

In 2002, they managed to release their first EP, ,,Tales of Eternity’’, via the Norwegian label Sidekick Records. It contains older tracks, very appreciated by the local Romanian fans, like ,,Confused Sunset’’ or ,,Escape from Doom’’.

After a long time of hiatus and a period of heavy rehearsals and local concerts, the band is back with their first album.  ,,End of Eternity’’ was released on the 26th of October 2016 at the Romanian label Loud Rage Music. The material was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Robert Cotoroș, known for his activity in the band Hteththemeth and also for his solo project, The Bipolar Disorder Project. The album artwork, design and layouts where done by Claudia Negrilă, presenting a space/cosmic imaginary with fantastic elements. Actually, the artwork goes hand in hand with the lyrical themes, illustrating the inner journey of one’s imagination through space and time beyond the realms of reality. The booklet contains the lyrics of the seven tracks of the album and some words of gratitude from the band towards their families and friends.

The sound production is very well done, the album has very catchy guitar riffs, a good drum mixing and a good clean/harsh vocal combination. The clean/harsh vocal combination is what makes this album unique. This combination of Death Metal, Black Metal, Doom and even Progressive influences makes this album unique.

My personal opinion is that you have to listen to this album 3 or maybe 4 times to have the possibility to immerge yourself to the specific atmosphere. I think the bands compositions are very personal and emotional so you have to listen multiple times to the album in order to understand its true meaning.

The songs are very profound having lyrics dealing mostly with human feelings, fantasy, nature, death, love, loss, sadness, and pain. The total length of the material is just over 51 Minutes, containing 7 tracks, 6 of them being composed since the band got back again and one song from the first period of the band’s existence.

One of the most interesting tracks of the album is ,,Rih al Khamsin’’, a dialogue between harsh and clean vocals. The Arabic poetry on this track was composed and recited by Tarek Zakaria.

The track who gives the name of the album, ,,End of Eternity’’, expresses melancholy and a profound atmosphere, combining again this epic dialogues of harsh and clean vocals. Another of my favourite song from this album is ,,Dear Friend’’ with additional vocals performed by our friend Tică Losu. Tică Losu also appeared in the video ,,Dojana’’ from Dordeduh. This song is a memento mori, to salute and to pay homage to lost friends.

Overall the band made a great job, mixing many personal thoughts to bring to the audience a complete melancholic and atmospheric concept.

I believe the experience of over 18 years for both the existing and past members left a mark on this album, so that we can enjoy it in this format.

False Reality - End of Eternity
False Reality - End of Eternity
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