Valerinne & Bloodway

When we are in tune with ourselves, we have everything

Last Thursday, Bloodway and Valerinne stepped on Fabrica Club’s stage. The event was a rare occasion to see both bands performing, as they announced a short break to focus on their new albums.
Before the concerts, a video projection named “Medium in Motion” was presented to the audience. It consisted in animated videos Costin Chioreanu made for countless impressive names in the underground music scene. I think almost every concert Bloodway ever had was accompanied by some other artsy act, a book release, a graphic exhibition and so on. I’m impressed and drawn by these kind side actions that enrich the audiences’ overall experience. This time, unfortunately, I arrived late and they began on time, so I only got to catch the final videos. Nevertheless, I’m sure most of you are familiar with Costin Chioreanu’s work if you are keeping a close eye on the scene, or maybe you have a t-shirt or two with his design.

I made a short stop at the merch stand to add Valerinne’s the latest album to my collection, while they were preparing on stage. I’ve been listening to Valerinne ever since their first album, Kunstformen der Natur, in 2012, and I kept an eye on their activity in the year that followed. I don’t wish to sound overenthusiastic, but they are probably the best Post-Rock / Post-Metal band in Romania. Their Thursday evening concert was a bit too short for me – or maybe I lost track of time, emerging myself in their music. They’re masters at building a crescendo and creating a sense of anticipation, keeping the audience engaged. My personal sensation while I listen to them was that of space travel and listening to the music of the spheres. The last song was unknown, and after the concert I got the confirmation it’s a new one, an extra reason to look forward to their 4thalbum.

When we are in tune with ourselves, we have everythingNext, Bloodway stepped in while the late-comers almost filled the club. The playlist was well balanced with songs from their two albums, and the audience seemed to be living the music, engaging in a short moshing during one of the last songs. I was pleased when they performed “Free Ends”, which is my personal favorite. Their music is so raw, visceral, and at the same time so complex and rich in its symbolism. At the end, Costin thanked the people who were present, and sometimes one voice in the public replied something… it was a conversation between friends, we could sense that the music and all the art these people are doing is for real. He ended my urging us to take care of the persons in our lives that are always near and dear, always by our side.

A couple of days passed, and the last words I heard that night are stuck with me. I’ll give them a twist and advise you to do the same for the underground bands that are always here with you. Always be there for them, go to their concerts whenever you have the opportunity, buy an album or a tee every once in a while. Giving and getting something back can be an unique and unexpected circle.

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