Bosses Hang & Hiroshi Hasegawa-new experimetal project

Bosses Hang & Hiroshi Hasegawa

Bosses Hang was created in 2018 by R.S. in Lupeni/Cluj-Napoca as an experimental music project set against the alienation of everyday life. Deconstruction of sound and meaning, a rhizomatic unit working with the in-betweens of life. Bosses Hang is a journey and not a destination!

Five Meditations On Melancholy was released on April 6 and was made in collaboration with the Japanese artist Hiroshi Hasegawa (ex. C.C.C.C., Astro). This album began from the above principles and from an admiration for the Japanese noise scene and its ethics, a scene in which Hiroshi Hasegawa is already a veteran, working in different projects since the first half of the 1990s. The album does not have a start and a destination, it is always in-between, always on the move, being half arranged and half freely improvised. Five Meditations On Melancholy speaks about the self, time, and contemporary society, but at the same time it is a journey made by the listener while listening, and not before.


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