Akral Necrosis-interview

Octav from Akral Necrosis answered to our questions!

Akral Necrosis hailing from Bucharest, Romania was formed in 2006. So far, the band has released two full-length albums, Pandemic Dominion, in 2012 and Underlight, in 2016, an EP – Outcast Litanies, in 2011 and a split, (Inter)section, in 2015, with Romanian experimental black metal band Marchosias.

So far, the band has shared the same stage with bands as: Rotting Christ, Ancient Rites, Keep of Kalessin, Absu, Septic Flesh, Hecate Enthroned, Onslaught, Cadaveria, Cirith Gorgor and many other bands.

Octav, the voice of Akral Necrosis, was kind  to answer our questions:

How did Akral Necrosis come into being? What can you tell us about the story and concept behind this project? Where does the band name come from?

I have answered too many times to these questions, so I will go through them very quickly. Akral Necrosis was founded in 2006, sometime after I met Victor. We decided to create a black metal band together. The name comes from the ancient Greek and refers to the black plague necrosis syndrome. We use it as a metaphor for the dark moods that haunt every human being, whether he accepts them or ignores them.

-In 2016 you released “Underlight”, the second album Akral Necrosis and one of the most aggressive and unrelenting Romanian metal albums. What’s different about this album? What’s the story behind the album?

I think “Underlight” is a successful album; I still listen to it after 4 years since its launch and I know for sure I am not the only one. I would try to list a series of factors that made a decisive contribution to the quality of this material: first, we started working on the composition just before releasing the first album (“Pandemic Dominion”) so I already had a certain experience. Moreover, I think we managed to express ourselves better musically. To all this was added the confidence in what I was doing plus the enthusiasm of the band. For “Underlight” I worked in the studio with Marius Costache and having the experience from the recordings of the first album, I knew quite well how we want to sound in the end. I would give as an example the pronounced imprint of bass in the mix, an element not too common in black metal. At the same time, the fact that we wanted from the beginning to present a personal view of what is meant by uncompromising black metal, tributary to the values of the second wave, helped us to avoid subjects and manners assumed by some visions, but transformed by others into kitsch and cliché. I must point out that the Akral Necrosis tracks will not reveal hidden secrets if you listen to them in the forest. We have nothing in common with the theme. Our creative energy springs from the gray layer of cement that covers nature as a sarcophagus and this is directly reflected in our music.

-Is “Underlight” a sequel of the first album, “Pandemic Dominion”?

Yes and no. It depends on the point of view. Conceptually, between the two materials, there is no direct connection, which remains valid for the third album that we’ll release this year. “Underlight” is a continuation in the band’s evolution and both albums reflect who and where I was at a certain moment.

-Which is the lineup of Akral Necrosis? Are there any changes in the band?

We would not be Akral Necrosis if there were no changes in the band. Currently, the band consists of Victor (guitar), Misu / Soyos (bass), Gabriel (guitar), Krzysztof Klingbein (drums) and myself.

-What is the inspiration for Akral Necrosis?

Everyday life, the moral misery that governs the humanity and curiosity we have towards the unknown. In my case, I would also
mention the mercantilism that intoxicates the whole metal scene, including the black metal one.

– What do you think about black metal being a trend?

It’s hard to put into words the disgust for this matter. The elemental values of black metal are not understood and even less respected. Clowns are pushed in the spotlight, copying each other without any embarrassment as long as this is a trend. Moreover, some listeners are shocked when they are told: “No. I don’t like the band. ” Fortunately, there are bands and labels that launch and promote quality black metal, so the cause is not lost. The year 2019 brought dozens of valuable albums. I can only hope that time will do them justice and they will be appreciated at true value.

-What are the things that you like and dislike on the Romanian metal scene? What is your opinion on how are things going on in here?

I remember being very involved in the local scene at the time. Recently, I have not had the necessary energy and maybe not even the interest after some situations. However, I think there is potential and I see a lot of good albums coming out on a wide range of rock and metal genres. Too bad they don’t talk about them as much as they deserve. Obviously it is not a metal utopia and we have enough things to recover until we get to a healthy area, but there are many RO bands that deserve much more support.

-What music do you listen to? What do you recommend?

I have a wide range of musical preferences and black metal is the main one. We recommend that you look non-stop for new bands of good quality because the underground is full of them. I am curious what will happen to rock and metal over 20 years when most of the old bands will be retired. It is likely that most common listeners who attend parties and concerts “for the event and the atmosphere” will give up completely. Maybe that will give the music a chance to reborn.

-What news do you have about the band? Will there be a future album, can you give us details?

We always want a future album. The repeated changes in the lineup in the nearly 15 years of activity show that we had a tumultuous existence, but that did not stop us. As we recently reported, the material for the third album is ready. At the beginning of February, we will finish the recordings; at this moment the drums and guitars are recorded.

I would like to add that the album will be released this year, is conceptual and is definitely the longest Akral Necrosis material, lasting over an hour. To prepare the ground, we decided to release the first single as a video in 2019.

In the next span we will come up with more details and we want to release a new single.

– Are there musicians (from abroad or local) that you hope to collaborate with and, if so, who is on the list? And why?

Not necessarily. There are musicians that I respect a lot, but that doesn’t mean I want to have them on the album. I’m not a fan of the guest musicians. As I said above, for the third album, we were working together with a very good drummer from Poland, Krzysz.

-What is your opinion about the oppression felt on the international scene caused by the idea of Politically Correctness?

Art can be criticized, but never censored.

– Can we hope for an Akral Necrosis tour soon?

We will definitely be holding a tour to promote the new album. For the current lineup, those who want to come and see us should not miss the shows, because there will be not so many.

-What is Black Metal for you?

Once you understand its essence and the fact that it transcends the musical environment, it is part of your everyday life, and I do not mean the tired clichés like: “go on the street with corpsepaint”.

You were in this environment for a while, if you could change one thing regarding the music industry, what would this be and why?

There are so many wrong things that I can’t decide where to start. I would make sure that no more garbage and abused music recipes are promoted without even the slightest interest in the substance.

Thanks a lot for the answers and we all look forward to seeing you on stage!

And we are looking forward to meeting our audience. Let there be slaughter!

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