Teaser for the new Sopor Æternus album

Teaser for the new SOPOR AETERNUS album

Sopor Æternus and the Ensemble of Shadow has just released a second teaser for their upcoming album. This new album will be released in a particular format.

Anna-Varney Cantodea used the packaging of an old project from the 80s called the Haunted Library found in the studio. This was intended to remind us of the wear and tear of a book that would be borrowed over and over again in a library, damaged by time and refreshed over time.
This is how the Green Horror Box was born with the latest album: a used DIY packaging to welcome the latest production to date.

The album will be released on February 29.

So it is better to be aware of the artistic approach before you find yourself in the face of a comforting album that you would like to send back, blaming the postal service again.

Here are the two promo materials:




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