Mephorash confirmed at Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2020

black metal from Sweden

MEPHORASH [Sweden] [Black Metal]

The history of the band that self-defines as the “hidden blood of Uppsala” (the city where the project came from) or the essence of esoteric black metal according to other definitions, began in 2010 in Sweden when, in their own words, the members of the project and – the initiation into the dark arts and the exploration of the hidden black metal boundaries began.

Over the course of their nine years of career, Mephorash says they have extracted their creative energy from “Sitra Ahra” or the other world (the realm of evil in Kabbalistic texts), a journey expressed at the sound level through each piece, each of the 2 EPs, 4 full-length albums and one split. The materials illustrate at a lyrical level and in the compositions the hostile and frightening atmosphere of the tunnels leading to this realm of dark forces.

The musical journey takes the audience to the other dimension, to the depths beyond the moment of Creation, to the Primordial Chaos, perfectly surprised by the style full of virulence and explosive energy of the band, meant to awaken all six senses to each listener (the five senses from the Aristotelian tradition and that of intuition).

Each material in the discography of Mephorash continues a red thread, inducing a coherent air that follows deeply hidden faith. And the dynamic and ceremonial journey that the band members propose to listeners starts from the first material (“Death Awakens”, 2011) and takes them to the last album, entitled “Shem Ha Mephorash” (2019), a harder Hebrew term definable, but which can be interpreted as “the explicit name of God.”

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