Ancestral (Chile) released their second album titled “Novo Ordus Seclorum”

Death Metal from Chile

Death metal band Ancestral from Chile has released their second full length album titled “Novo Ordus Seclorum”.

Ancestral has been formed in 1998 by Claudio Abarca and Carlos Osorio. At the end of 1999, the band released their first single titled “Pacto”. Six years down the road and their first EP appears and is titled “Vómitos del imperio”. After another five years, in 2011, the band’s first full length album is released and is titled “Asifonías para credos”.

Band members:

Felipe Marambio: Vocals
Carlos Osorio: Guitar
Víctor Quezada: Guitar
Claudio Abarca: Drums

On the newly released album, Andrés Vera has been hired as a session bass player. The album, as mentioned above, is titled “Novo Ordus Seclorum” and has been released on the 25th of May via Australis Records. It contains 11 tracks and a total of 33 minutes and 36 seconds of play time. This album is also the band’s first record that is being sung in English.


  1. Novo Ordus Seclorum
  2. Whitechapel MDCCCLXXXVIII
  3. Subliminal Eugenesy
  4. Desolation
  5. Inertial Kataklysm
  6. Funeral of Vengeance
  7. Braindead
  8. The Origin Prophecy
  9. Beseeched Disgraces
  10. Carnal Elixir
  11. Orgies of Neutoteology

The album can be purchased via the record label’s official Bandcamp page here.

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