Watain @ Quantic

opening acts: Kistvaen

Kistvaen was the opening act for the show. They first began their journey sometime at the end of the year 2008 when they decided to come up with something new and fresh, thus beginning their journey in the dark depressive black metal scene. As far as I know they were also one of  the opening acts for Watain back in 2014. If I remember correctly, they played two new songs from the upcoming album which I can hopefully listen to soon. It was a nice show with a good sound and the audience seemed to enjoy it.

When it’s about black metal, Watain is in the top 10 for sure, known for their special shows around the world, Watain is unmistakably one of those ritualistic ceremonies which cannot be easily forgotten. This was the first time I saw them live and as far as I’m aware, this was their 3rd time in Bucharest. Creating a diabolical, mysterious and dark atmosphere, is exactly what Watain’s public has come to expect. Crowd members were sprayed with animal blood and clothes became instantly infested with the smell of death. The smell became the main problem for those who weren’t used to it.

The setlist covered all eras with new track from their latest Trident Wolf Eclipse album, released last year, but also older tracks such as Malfeitor which is my all time favourite. One of the best sounds, both for the instruments but also for the vocals.

As a minus for the show was the lack of fire on stage which took the whole vibe away a bit. Nevertheless what happened four years ago was a tragedy, but that doesn’t mean the band shouldn’t be allowed to at least use candles on stage. Lastly, I had expected the audience to be bigger seeing as they haven’t played for a while in our country.

Thanks to Metalhead & Quantic crew for making this event possible.

Until next time!

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