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Extreme Metal

Hello Trevor and thanks for accepting my invitation to do this interview ! Let’s introduce the band to the Romanian public. How did it start and what were your goals?
Thank you for the interest and opportunity, it’s my pleasure. Uada is Jake Superchi on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, James Sloan on Lead Guitar, Robb Bockman on Bass, and myself, Trevor Matthews on Drums. Uada was formed on the blood moon eclipse of September 30th 2014 with the sheer intent of creating and expressing our own brand of dark art. Something with substance, real and true to our Selves. Delivered from our heart and soul with passion, without regard for genre, fashion, image, trends or religious/political dogma.

Let’s talk a bit about your first album “Devoid of light”. It is a bit short. What was the source of inspiration?
We wanted to make our debut effort venomously potent and directly to the point while keeping the listener longing for more through the final note. We originally considered adding an instrumental track, which we eventually decided to save for a live intro/interlude. Our inspiration is derived from many sources, but was extracted largely from our surroundings of both micro and macrocosm and embracing the paradox of light and dark. From the natural elements of our region and our world in general, to our personal life experiences and existential tribulations, as well as past civilizations and ancient occult and alchemical texts,  to the broader spectrum of the vast unknown cosmos and astral/lunar symbolism.

I know this might be cliché but lots of people compare you with Mgla. Does that bother you? How do you comment upon such comparisons?
I do not agree with it, but it does not bother me. MGŁA is a great band, but I personally feel we make a broader spectrum of soundscapes, especially vocally. I hear vague similarites, but very sparsely. Possibly a riff or two that resemble something that would fit with their style or some of my ride/bell work. But people seem to forget that MGŁA has changed considerably through their discography and are by far not the first band to make any of these sounds. I see references to bands like Dissection, Dawn, and Inquisition just as frequently. All great bands, nothing to be be upset about. I feel it is largely based on a shallow glimpse of the aesthetic. Although there is now a flood of hooded bands, still MUCH fewer than the cliché corpse paint/spikey gauntlet bands. Even then, they were not the first. There were bands like Midnight and Svartidaudi before them and we still consciously appear different then all of these bands. We  obscure our faces to maintain a level of anonymity, not fully covered. We have specific ritual hoods, not mismatched hoodies. Often wear vests or dusters. The main idea behind the garb was purely symbolic and charged with intent. All black, with white back lighting to produce obscured sillhouettes, symbolic of the very eclipse our band was born under. No band shirts or patches/labels, as we are not trying to promote other bands through our craft and to maintain the absence of fashion. Either way, I have zero doubts that the tracks on the new album will put to rest most, if not all of these comparisons. Much respect to MGŁA though!

Why did you choose name UADA for the band? How would you describe your sound for anyone that hasn’t yet heard the band?
We wanted a unique and cryptic one-word name that we felt was powerful and encompassed our sound. Although a dead language, Latin is also largely universal. Fitting, as death in itself is also powerful and universal.

Few people know that you are also the drummer for the band Pillorian. Tell me something about this new project.
Pillorian is a project formed last year by John Haughm and Stephen Parker and I. The album is complete and will be released through Eisenwald Records in March. We will be touring through Europe in April.

Who is in charge with the lyrics?
As with most bands, our Singer/Rhythm Guitarist Jake writes our lyrics in Uada and it is a profoundly vital element of our craft.

Have you planned to come to Romania in the near future?
We would love to come to Romania, hopefully a worthy promoter brings us that way in the near future. We are still in the process of booking an extended Summer European tour this year, so hopefully that works. If not, as soon as possible!

Thank you again so much for your time! Do you have something to add for your Romanian fans?
Thank you for your support and interest. We hope to see you soon, cheers!

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    “…Possibly a riff or two that resemble something that would fit with their style…” hahaha!!! What a nice way to deny what is a single step away from copyright infringement! Not in a song… No no, in several, 2 albums mate! You guys xeroxed Mgła riffs and image… Great job making people believe you’re original.

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