Brujeria will shatter the stage at Quantic

Brujeria is playing in Bucharest on June 17th, in Quantic Club, and Crimena, Eufobia and Black Tulip are the guest bands to open the event. Esto Es Brujeria European...

Brujeria is playing in Bucharest on June 17th, in Quantic Club, and Crimena, Eufobia and Black Tulip are the guest bands to open the event. Esto Es Brujeria European Tour brings the legendary band of masked musicians to Bucharest, for a wild show promoting the newly released album! Eufobia and Black Tulip are replacing Deprived of Salvation, who, unfortunately, can no longer come.

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Decades before Breaking Bad, Narcos or Mayans M.C., Brujeria set the world of cartels and ritualistic crimes on disc with such power equivalent to the moment when Compton entered pop culture through NWA.

Brujeria appeared, shrouded in mystery and infamy, in 1989. They introduced phrases like Matando, Güeros, La Migra, Marijuana y Brujerizmo in the lexicon of extreme subcultures from hardcore punk to death metal. The brutal death grind band from Mexico came to represent the violent world of drug trafficking and vicious pay backs. Also a sinister syncretism between Afro-Caribbean witchcraft, such as Palo Mayombe, and Santeria with demonic possession.

The band members are equipped with firearms and machetes. More importantly, however, they are armed with an arsenal of brutal riffs. Rumor has it that lead singer Juan Brujo has ingeniously surrounded himself over the years with members of the of legendary bands such as Napalm Death (Shane Embury), Carcass (Jeff Walker), Cradle Of Filth/Dimmu Borgir (Nick Barker) and At The Gates. Also, with actors from famous TV series, such as Orange Is the New Black and Jackass. But no one knows for sure. This is because men and women from Brujeria hide behind bandanas and beanies!

After a long absence, Brujeria returns with a new album in 2023, titled Esto Es Brujeria.  One which is appropriate for the post-pandemic era, with polarization, social unrest, continuous brutality and other daily problems… Perfect for the notorious criticism that the band is capable of.


Juan Brujo, Sangron, Fantasma, Pinche Peach, & La Encabronada – Vocals
El Criminal & El Embrujado – Guitars
Hongo & El Cynico – Bass
Hongo Jr. – Drums

Formed in Craiova at the end of 2012, Crimena combines groove metal with strong, fast riffs creating an overflowing energetic atmosphere with a little bit of stand-up… both on stage, but especially away from it. These Oltenians respect their roots and use the simple perfect both in grammar and in everyday life: drinking, fun and music – simple and perfect. The new record comes with an experimental purpose: the release of an entire concept in several parts.

Eufobia is a Bulgarian melodic thrash death metal band which is well known to the Romanian audience. The band’s name comes from ancient Greek and means “fear of good”. The band went through some lineup changes lately. Thus, the lineup in 2024 is as follows: Niki Bojakov (guitar and vocals), Stone Angel (guitar), Alex Ivanov (bass) and Boris Ivanov (drums). The band’s latest album, Madness, came out in 2022 via the main rock and metal music distributor in Bulgaria – Wizard LTD. The album was produced by Constantine Gentschev in MIG7 Studio.

Black Tulip is a young band, currently at the border between rock and metal. The band is part of a new Cavalleria Events’ project that attempts to offer a first educational experience to bands at the beginning of their journey. So they can learn the basics: from writing a technical rider, to EPKs, promotion and so on. The band will play three songs, as the first opening band , on June 17th, in Quantic.

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