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Moribund Oblivion was one of the bands which shattered the stage in Quantic on March 15th. One of the prestigious guest bands which performed the same evening with the...

Moribund Oblivion was one of the bands which shattered the stage in Quantic on March 15th. One of the prestigious guest bands which performed the same evening with the legendary band Ancient. On this occasion we sat with Bahadır Uludağlar, for an interesting and revealing interview.

DinIntunerec: Hello, first of all I want to thank you for doing this interview for DinIntunerec webzine.

Bahadır Uludağlar: Hello. We also thank you for this interview.

DinIntunerec: Please, walk our readers through the history of the band, so they get better acquainted with it.

Bahadır Uludağlar: Moribund Oblivion was founded in 1999 and this year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the band. Since its establishment, we have released 6 full-length albums and 4 EPs. Our 7th album, Intertemporal, is currently on the road and will be released this year. I can say that we are one of the oldest and most active bands in Türkiye. We have played all over Europe for the last 20 years and continue to maintain our claim in music.

DinIntunerec: When you hear the word “Turkey” for the first time, the last thing you think of is black metal. What made you start a black metal band?

Bahadır Uludağlar: Actually, the reason for this is that Europe does not know Türkiye enough. In Türkiye, everything happens just like in Europe and almost everything is the same. We have a huge rock & metal crowd here. Türkiye is a large country with 80 million people, and metal music has a loyal audience here. Black Metal is the music in which we express ourselves best among metal music genres. That’s why our choice was Black Metal.

DinIntunerec: The band dates back to 1999 and you are its founder. There have also been a lot of lineup changes. Care to explain?

Bahadır Uludağlar: Moribund Oblivion celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. This is quite difficult for a metal band. You know… We have been in the European and World metal music markets for many years and of course there have been member changes during this period. This happens in every band. Music and band work require seriousness and sacrifice. Not everyone can have this responsibility.

DinIntunerec: You were the only one writing both the music and the lyrics for Moribund Oblivion, at some point. Is it still like that? Or do the other guys contribute?

Bahadır Uludağlar: Yes, I still do this, but things changed a little in our latest album Intertemporal. Other members contributed to the band in the arrangement phase of the songs, and perhaps our most ambitious album was created.

DinIntunerec: What can you tell us about the Turkish underground scene? How much is black metal represented among the other genres and subgenres?

Bahadır Uludağlar: Turkish Metal scene is quite active. Especially in recent years, new bands have emerged and there are very talented young musicians. Turkish bands are having problems entering Europe. Since we are not a member of the European Union, there are problems with visas. Since Moribund Oblivion is a 25-year-old band, it no longer has problems, but this is one of the biggest obstacles for new bands. I think that bands that overcome this problem will appear more in European metal scenes in the coming years and Turkish metal music will become more visible. Especially death metal and black metal are the most popular metal music genres in Türkiye.

DinIntunerec: What are the concepts behind the albums?

Bahadır Uludağlar: From the past, we have questioned the dark future, nature and life as themes in our albums. Our latest two works, Endless and Time is an Illusion, talk about parallel universes, space-time concepts, time illusions and portal passages. We are trying to explain the secrets of the galaxy and the disappointments of humanity in search of infinity. Our new album Intertemporal will be released this year and we worked on the same theme in this album. 

DinIntunerec: What are you looking for in terms of development of musical style?

Bahadır Uludağlar: There is nothing we are specifically looking for for the development of our musical style. As we get older, our worldviews may change and our abilities also develop. For this reason, we are always in a natural development.

DinIntunerec: You are also a guitar player. What is your preference when it comes to guitars, and why?

Bahadır Uludağlar: My preferences are LTD, Jackson and Solar brands. Of course, Fender is a very famous and good brand, but genres such as black metal and death metal need more aggressive sounds.

DinIntunerec: You have played in Romania recently and as far as I know it was not for the first time. What struck you the most with each experience of playing in Romania?

Bahadır Uludağlar: Romania is our neighbor and we feel closer to our neighbors, especially the Balkan countries. That’s why we attach great importance to Romania and their metal market. In Romania, as in many places, we have listeners and friends whom we love very much. Playing there is always special and important for us.

DinIntunerec: Do you have a favorite memory regarding a live show, any live show?

Bahadır Uludağlar: Of course, we have many good memories of concerts. Let me give an example. We played in Poland in 2006. Before the concert, a metalhead said that we couldn’t do this like the Europeans. First of all, I reminded him that Türkiye is also a European country. Then I said to him: If you like our performance today, will you go on stage and do a stage dive when we are playing? “Yes, of course I will do this, but it will be difficult for you to convince me,” he said and left. While playing the 3rd song, I saw him trying to get on stage. It was a good flight for him! 😀

DinIntunerec: You organize Bosphorus Open Air Metal Fest in Istanbul. What can you tell us about this festival? It is the third edition in 2024, tell us about the previous editions. Also, what about this year’s edition?

Bahadır Uludağlar: Bosphorus Open Air Metal Fest is the largest metal festival in our country this year. We were a smaller festival in our first two years. We wanted to move forward step by step and this year we are making our biggest move. Sodom and Samael are the two leading actors of this year. Additionally, Legion of the Damned, Ancient, Schammasch, Moribund Oblivion, Hypnos and Tortharry will play at the festival. Inhuman Depravity will open our festival. We also invite metalheads from neighboring countries to this great metal music event.

DinIntunerec: Any final considerations at the end of this interview? Also, any advice for the underground bands, in order to achieve recognition?

Bahadır Uludağlar: My suggestions for underground bands… They should take this job seriously and not shy away from sacrifice. They need to determine the priorities in their lives well. Growing the brand is only the result of being consistent. They should constantly play and create new things.

Din Intunerec: Thank you for your time, hope to see Moribund Oblivion soon in Romania again! Meanwhile, let’s say Good bye with the video for the single Time is an Illusion.

Moribund Oblivion -tour posterBosphorus Open Air Metal Fest

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