Spears of Wallachia, a new festival in Bucharest

Spears of Wallachia is a new extreme metal festival organized by Cavalleria Events. This year’s edition will take place on November 8th and 9th, at Quantic Pub. The first...

Spears of Wallachia is a new extreme metal festival organized by Cavalleria Events. This year’s edition will take place on November 8th and 9th, at Quantic Pub. The first names on the lineup are Necrowretch (FR), Akral Necrosis (RO), Godiva (PT), and Spinecrusher (RO). More lineup announcements will follow soon.

Festival passes are available on IaBilet.ro:
Early bird: the first 50 passes, for 100 ron plus taxes
Presale passes: 120 ron + taxes
Normal passes (during the festival): 150 ron

Necrowretch – death/black metal, from France

Necrowretch successfully combines the best elements of death and black metal styles in an emblematic mix. The band has already released five studio albums. The band originates from France and was founded in 2008. In the past, they were signed by Century Media, and then moved to Season of Mist Underground Activists. Recently, the first materials were re-edited by Osmose Records.

The latest material is titled Swords of Dajjal and came out on February 2nd, 2024 via Season of Mist Underground Activists. The material was hailed with positive reactions from the press, as well as from the fans, who consider it to have more black metal  influences, this time. Yet, without neglecting the death metal ones. The sound remains true to the roots and style, but Dissection or Necrophobic influences can also be noticed.

Listen to Dii Mauri

Akral Necrosis– black metal/ Romania

The veterans Akral Necrosis proved to be one of the most aggressive black metal bands in Romania, having an activity that has been going on continuously since 2006. The founding of the band is remembered by its members as an act of revolt, initially against a scene bogged down in melodic themes and neverending atmospheric passages… Later, the revolt turned against deplorable human nature. 

Their specific sound blends black metal, thrash and progressive elements… Indeed, they turn their songs into sound assaults… Impetuous and abrasive, with surprise incursions at the border between consonant and dissonant.

The band recently released the concert album Live in Hidden via Romanian Black Metal Elite as a series, limited to audio cassettes. Currently, Akral Necrosis is working on their fourth album studio.

Listen to I See The Bright Lights

Godiva- symphonic death metal/ Portugal

In search of lost souls, Godiva, a melodic death metal group from Portugal, set out in a tumultuous journey that began at the end of the 90s. Godiva released two highly appreciated singles The Meaning of Life and Media God in order to promote the album Hubris. In 2023 they went on an extended European tour, to promote their new studio material. The tour included concerts in France, Switzerland, Belgium and the Czech Republic. Simultaneously, Godiva developed ambitious plans! To write a new album during 2023. Their declared intention is to challenge the limits and boundaries of melodic death metal, seeking innovation and aiming to evolve.

Listen to Media God!

Spinecrusher – death/thrash metal, Romania

Death/ thrash act Spinecrusher from Bucharest returns in 2024 with a new lineup, after a long break. The band has recently introduced two new members. Mikael, behind the drum set and Marius on bass. Basically, the two came straight out of the ‘training camp’ ready for action! Spinecrusher has already released two materials, the EP Hellthrash (2013) and the debut album from Crypts of Slaughter (2016).

More bands will be announced soon. Spears of Wallachia Festival aims to promote extreme metal special acts. Moreover the initiative prioritizes bands which have rarely played in Romania.  In other words, extreme metal that you don’t have the chance to witness very often. The first edition is a prototype! Indeed, its purpose is to assemble a strong lineup of death and black metal bands and present them to the audience.

Event by Cavalleria Events.


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