Turbofolk and post-punk night with Pero Defformero and Bossferatu in Quantic

Friday the 23rd will host an eclectic extravaganzza that will surely entice you to dance!...

One of the many joys that you can derive from the underground music culture is the pure joy of discovering eclectic sounds. Sure, we are all familiarized by now with the many facets of metal, punk or hardcore, but how about a turbofolk headlining show, paired with a fresh local post-punk duo?

If this prospect attracted your attention, we present to you a blink-and-you-miss-it event in Quantic club Bucharest, taking place this Friday, February 23: Pero Defformero (Novi Sad, Serbia) and Bossferatu (Cluj, Romania). Read on for more details.

Pero Defformero

Hailing from Novi Sad, Serbia, Pero Defformero present themselves as an “intergalactic turbofolk/metal supergroup”. Taking their name from an Alan Ford comic strip, they assault the stage with their explosive blend of mainstream metal riffs reminiscent of Pantera, Van Halen, Rammstein or Bon Jovi and Serbian music tunes that take inspiration from astists like Lepa Brena, Dragana Mirkovic or Ceca Raznatovic.

The Romanian crowd will surely relate to the balkanic kitsch undertones which, together with turbofolk stereoptypes, are explored via a healthy dose of sarcasm and humour.

Pero Defformero promises to take you on a 90’s era musical and cultural journey, and to provide a hell of a good time while doing so.


Bossferatu is a new band from Cluj-Napoca, of which we are sure to hear more in the future, as they are picking up steam in the underground scene. Filing up the special guest spot for this event, this “vampiric duo” has already impressed with their musical and visual presence, which combines darkwave, synthwave and neo-goth with postpunk. If you need a clearer refference, think of that party that you are dying to go to (but your Unknown Pleasures T-shirt is in the dryer), that undeniably plays Bauhaus and Joy Division.

For their Bucharest debut, Bossferatu come prepared with a brand new album, Neon Strigoi. Released this month, it is their second album after their debut Undead Again from 2022. Check out the song Mândru, of which the two band members say that “It is the darkest song off the album” and “Not all mistakes from the past are mendable, some linger on as beutiful scars”:

Concert details

The event takes place in Quantic club on Friday, February 23rd, with open doors at 19:30.

Keep in mind that today is the last day of online general-presale tickets, marked at 90lei. Hurry up and buy yours on the iaBilet platform here.

Starting with tomorrow, you will find tickets at the gate at the price of 100 lei.

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