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The Romanian bands The Thirteenth Sun and Deaf Hombre are joining the SoundArt Festival 2024 line-up. The most diverse edition of the festival so far takes place on April...
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The Romanian bands The Thirteenth Sun and Deaf Hombre are joining the SoundArt Festival 2024 line-up. The most diverse edition of the festival so far takes place on April 26th and 27th, in the Quantic Club, Bucharest.  With DHG/Dodheimsgard (NO) and Hexvessel (FI) as headliners alongside Earthship (GER), Gunshee (RO), Doomsday Astronaut (RO) and Krishna (Malta).

On this occasion, the organizers also put on sale one-day tickets on

Presale pass- 180 ron+ taxes
One-day ticket (April 26th)- 100 ron+ taxes
One-day ticket (April 27th)- 100 ron+ taxes
Normal pass (on the days of the event)- 200 ron
One-day ticket (bought in the respective day)- 120 ron

The Thirteenth Sun (RO) – Ambient/Progressive Metal

The band’s story begins in 2011, when Radu (vocals and lead guitar) started writing the first pieces together with Marius Muntean (keyboards). Both of them came, at that time, from different areas of musical styles. However, both had a lot of common roots. Thus, the whole idea was to create music by combining elements from different music genres. Elements that defined each of them separately. All in order to obtain that sound balance, which is unique, in a way.

Later, this became the very essence of the whole project, making music through shared experiences. The aim, however, is to guide the listener towards getting rid of the boundaries of daily routine. And also becoming able to look beyond the limits.

“Because the night sky often makes us wonder about the unlimited possibilities surrounding us. Therefore, it all happened as a natural thing, to establish a starting point of the story that develops from this sea of ​​possibilities.This is where the band’s name comes from… A fixed point in the night sky, linked to a special number, with an interesting characteristic, among many others. All this refers to our current place on the canvas… and all filters depend on the eye of the beholder.”

The band is currently working on the third release, with drummer Andrei Jumuga (dordeduh, Ordinul Negru etc.)

Deaf Hombre (RO) – stoner rock

Deaf Hombre are a noisy stoner rock trio from southern Romania. The band released an official video for the single Vagabond. Răzvan, Dragos and Alexandru consider themselves influenced by 1000mods, Fu Manchu and Black Sabbath. The band is actively working on an EP.

The bands already confirmed for this year’s edition:

DHG/Dødheimsgard (Norway) – avantgarde, industrial, black metal

Hexvessel (Finland) – forest folk, psychedelic, experimental

Earth Ship (Germany) – doom metal, sludge, stoner rock

Gunshee (Romania) – instrumental progressive rock trio

Doomsday Astronaut (Romania) – instrumental progressive metal

Krishna (Malta) – post-metal/rock, stoner rock, doom metal

About SoundArt Festival:

Now at its 5th edition, SoundArt is a brave project, developing in a social environment in which events focused on a certain musical niche require massive work to be built and communicated to the public.

SoundArt is not a festival with bands singing according to a specific musical recipe which turned successful. It surprises the audience with personal elements, reinventing itself over time. Moreover, it is in constant search and does not only refer to music, but also to other types of art. The objective is an extremely clear one: the promotion of arts and artists at the local level, in a very special musical framework. The main ambassador of the brand is SoundArt Festival, which takes the public on great musical journeys, bringing on its stage only bands selected with the soul.

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