Rares Savu – Musical Chronicles in a Mad House

On 8th November 2020 Rares Savu, an independent artist from Brasov took a big step in his multi- instrumentalist career, by releasing an exclusive solo album, Musical Chronicles in...

On 8th November 2020 Rares Savu, an independent artist from Brasov took a big step in his multi- instrumentalist career, by releasing an exclusive solo album, Musical Chronicles in a Mad House.

Rares’s career has been heavily influenced by his infatuation for the rock genre, all of that whilst still at a  fragile age. 

More specifically, his influences come from hard rock/heavy metal band’s such as Rammstein, Iron  Maiden and Black Label Society.  

After 5 years performing on numerous stages in Romania not only with bands such as “Stragazers ” and  “Prefix TM”, but also by himself at different events organized for and by high school students, at the age  of 18 Rares decided to expand his solo career, thus channeling all his talent and energy into a fairy tale  album entitled “Musical Chronicles in a Madhouse”. 

This album represents the story of a sentimental journey in the artist’s life , a story told with attention  and passion through music, by means of a 12-soundtrack list. The project came to life in March, being  initially based on Lo fi music, but in time it embraced other genres of music such as post-rock or  alternative rock. 

Being influenced by post-rock bands such as Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky and Tides of Nebula, the  album veers between musical elements like complex rock riffs, melancholy blues chords and  electronic chords, combined with a balanced dose of sadness, yet following a very  nonconformist direction. 

“But what not too many people know is that the album has been influenced by different synthwave  artists, the most notable being Timecop1983 or bands like Rammstein and Tool”, as Rares Savu himself  says. 

Rares offers us his own perspective on the album: ”The album is more an experiment, being at the same  time the redemption that I needed. I had had in mind for some time to work on an album on my own,  from all points of view. The title of each song helps the listener to understand the story that can be  interpreted and understood in any way. I have heard different interpretations of the album and I have to  say that I liked all of them, some about an alcoholic, others about a sheriff… It is really impressive to see  how people can perceive and feel music. 

Track list 

  1. Intro 
  2. Drunk and in Love 
  3. I Wanna Dance With You 
  4. Shattered Mind 
  5. Nothing Left 
  6. Substance Love 
  7. Where is The Road Back to You? 
  8. Just Believe 
  9. Musical Chronicles in a Madhouse Pt.1 
  10. For All You Stupid Lovers 
  11. Goodbye
  12. (Metalyzer)[Bonus Track] 

You can find the album on all platforms here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/raressavu/musical chronicles-in-a-madhouse-2 

Contact information 

E-mail: raresisavu@gmail.com 

Phone number: 0770601877 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raresioachimsavu/  

Instagram: @rares_ioachim_savu 

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/RaresSavuMusic

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