NadimaC – ‘U podrumu žute kuće’ video 2020

the crossover thrash metal version of "A Serbian Film" in 4 minutes

„Every year, tens or even hundreds of thousands of people are exploited, sold, tricked and forced into situations of exploitation from which – very often – there is no escape. These people are abused as commodities by a transnational criminal industry, which has already generated billions of dollars for criminal organisations and groupings, which operate practically with impunity. Human trafficking has become the third biggest criminal business worldwide, after drug trafficking and trafficking of weapons. It has become one of the most lucrative criminal enterprises, which has its own long established criminal industry connected with related activities such as money laundering, drug trafficking, document forgery, smuggling etc.

In Southeastern Europe, the problem of human trafficking is compounded by the instability of civil societies and the weakened rule of law, which gives more scope to criminal activities and organised crime. As a result, human trafficking has been expanding dramatically in recent years and has become big business. The wars and conflicts have changed and caused dramatic shifts in the social structure of life.” This is a short fragment from an almost two-decades old document published by OSCE / UNICEF and called ‚Trafficking in Human Beings in Southeastern Europe’.

Twenty years later, with most of the countries in the area opening borders as full members or partner members of the EU, the situation remained the same or even got worst in certain countries, people are gone missing in big numbers from all the Balkan countries, being used in forced labor, prostitution and in one of the most horrendous forms of human trafficking, the forced organs’ donors.

The Serbian band NadimaC is not an unknown name in the Balkan underground scene. They’ve been around for long enough delivering their vicious crossover thrash metal with Serbian lyrics, full of anger, scorn and not afraid to talk about hard to deal social topics, as is the topic mentioned in the preview above. Now signed with the Spanish label Xtreem Music, the Serbian thrashers just released a new very disturbing videoclip, their own version of the ‚Srpski Film’ talking about the forced harvest of human organs for the black market, one of those sensitive topics that’s a no touch for the authorities, most of them pretending the subject does not even exist at all, but also for the people that happen to know about it, but prefer to not talk about it, in a circle of never-ending common guilt. This is a very graphic video, people even got hurt by mistake in the making and one of the most interesting aspects about the filming is the fact that the actors are or were members of various Serbian metal bands, just another proof of the invaluable power of the local underground network.

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