Release and full streaming of the new UNREQVITED

Release and full streaming of the new UNREQVITED

The Canadian project Unreqvited released a new album. After a split with Sylvaine, the one-man band has just released their new album Empathica in digital format. It will soon be available via Northern Silence Productions.

Discover this opus in full streaming below, a meeting between Blackgaze Ambient, Post-Rock and Symphonic music:

Tracklist :
01. Empathica I: Heart of the Spectral Mountains – 04:54
02. Empathica II: Everwinter – 08:31
03. Empathica III: Innocence – 09:51
04. Crystal Cascade – 08:48
05. Snowspirits of the Arcane – 04:01
06. The Permafrost – 04:27
07. Dreamer’s Hideaway – 07:17
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