Details and excerpt from ARCHGOAT’s 30-years live album

Details and excerpt from ARCHGOAT's 30-years live album

The Finnish band of  War Black/Death Metal, Archgoat has just celebrated its 30th anniversary, they will release a live album called Black Mass XXX. It was recorded during their live session in Paris on September 28 as part of their Servants Of Chaos. Released as a document, it is composed of pieces from their 1991 demo Jesus Spawn, their cult album Whore of Bethlehem released in 2006 and their newest album The Luciferian Crown released in 2018.

The album will be available on April 10 via Debemur Morti Productions in CD, LP and digital format. Check out the title “Lord of the Void” below:

Tracklist :

01. Intro : Ripping The Wings
02. Black Messiah
03. Death and Necromancy
04. Rise of the Black Moon
05. Jesus Spawn
06. Satanic Oath
07. Penis Perversor
08. Intro : 1st Invocation
09. Angel of Sodomy
10. Lord of the Void
11. Dawn of the Black Light
12. Whore of Bethlehem
13. Hammer of Satan
14. Outro : The Prophecy
15. Intro : 3rd Invocation
16. Apotheosis of Lucifer
17. Goat and the Moon
18. Blessed Vulva
19. Day of Clouds
20. Intro : Left Hand Path
21. Nuns, Cunts and Darkness
22. The Apocalyptic Triumphator
23. Grand Luciferian Theophany
24. Intrantation
25. Jesus Christ Father of Lies
26. Messiah of Pigs
27. Darkness has Returned




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