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While eagerly waiting for the gig Avulsed is going to perform in Quantic, we talked to one of the bands that will open the evening, Terror Sickness. What a...

While eagerly waiting for the gig Avulsed is going to perform in Quantic, we talked to one of the bands that will open the evening, Terror Sickness. What a madness they are! Give our conversation a read, then see ya at the concert!

-Hi and thanks for accepting this interview! Please tell us a few words about your band and how you come to bring this project to life. 

I: We play Grindcore. C asked me out of the blue whether I wanted to play Grindcore some time in late 2017 (I think it was at Old Grave 6) then we figured out that we don’t know yet how to play so we took a year off. In late 2018 – early 2019 we were reasonably confident so we started it. S joined right away as she was itching to play her bass and she had the awesome idea to give R a call, as he wanted to learn to play the drums. Turns out R is a demon behind the drum kit so that’s that.

R: We try to play Grindcore. We lean towards some old school/80’s sound i think. S brought me in.

C: Since the others already covered most of the backstory, I would add my own intentions for this project: the scene needs so much more from it’s people thus the type of music promoting d.i.y. philosophies and freedom of expression in any way, even if it means going against the grain and wanting to describe the chaotic sensation every one of us might feel underlying in this society.

S: I told me the idea, C gave me the first riffs to listen to and immediately I wanted to be part of it. Old School Grindcore with no compromises – was exactly what I was looking forward to getting my bass out of the closet. ( “for one hour or two/For an urine bath and a sadistic screw”).

Terror Sickeness

-How would you define your music and if you would mention some bands that influenced your sound, what would those be?

I: I like to think that we sound like some Hardcore Punk band just finished writing their first demo in the late ‘80s, after which they got the chance to listen to their first Grindcore record ever then scrambled to make their music sound like that.

R: When you get sick from too much terror. I was also influenced by Napalm Death and Morbid Angel. That stuck with me forever.

C: It’s all about the anger and frustration, feeling unfit and expressing it at any cost. I used to listen to bands like Agnostic Front, Minor Threat, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles and so many other HC punk, and then came Napalm Death with their From Enslavement To Obliteration showing me that you can go even further. Not too much freedom for creativity around these parts.

S: It’s personal. Inner shit and self-salvation. One wakes up in the morning in a plain hell that we all built around us and what pushes to go through all the daily shit and come back throwing another kilo of frustration in the corner of the bed, might be the very basic instinct of survival based on: Fight Flight Fuck. So it’s a way of fighting and a mental manifesto around the idea of freedom. Not something intended but I think that overall the sound is very close to Patareni. As for the personal influences of the sound I’m in between two extremes: always been fond of the over-gained fat and deep one, to make it short: Napalm Death’s “Scum”, Blood is also to be mentioned; and only referring to the sound itself ( because I’m going to touch a different field now): Mortician and more close to the present: Ride for Revenge, of course having my mind haunted by those total sexy sick riffs from Disgorged Foetus’s demo “Gory Foetal Fast” . The other one is about all more “nice and clean”: Conflict, Discharged, Siege etc. Terror Sickness

-Although you’re a recent band, I noticed you had some live appearances last year. How was it for you to perform live and what’s the public’s feedback?

R: It was pretty strange because we barely play an instrument and we lack experience. We tried to do our best. Well, we were pretty well received, I guess. Not that bad after all.

I: I guess folks just wanna listen to some Grindcore from time to time.

C: For me, it’s still scary as hell and I feel a somewhat big responsibility for representing this particular style of music; hopefully we managed to make some ears flap and some other voices soon to be heard.

S: Strange and overwhelming. It was something completely new for me, keeping in mind that I’m not a musician and I have 0 stage experience. However I felt comfortable and all due to the people that seem to enjoy our modest performance.

-I’ve always been fascinated by how a band brings music to life. Can you pleasegive me a sneak peak about how this works for you? 

R: Well, C is the riff master and most of the time he knows where everything fits. Then I do the drums accordingly, adding this and that sometimes, the same goes for S. I writes his lyrics about 2 weeks after everything’s done. 

C: First of all: thanks to R for mentioning me and I only want to add that we all take turns in coming up with ideas for making the songs better and even drive the structure for them.

You have a gig scheduled in Quantic on March 6, sharing stage with Avulsed, Necroville and Angerseed. What are your thoughts and feelings before this concert?

I: Feels good to be back on stage after hibernating for 5 months. Cheers to Coro for having us.

R: A: Oh, man! I have known Necrovile and Avulsed ever since I was in high school and listened to Godsmack or whatever MTV stuff was there. Necrovile played at the first gig i’ve ever been to, it was awesome! I think they’re the best metal act in Romania, and one of the best Romanian bands ever no matter the genre. I know Avulsed from this distro website in 2004, very very good death metal but i kind of hate their album cover artwork, not as good as the music. Kind of the same goes for Necrovile artwork if you ask me.

C: We will have fun and hopefully the public will too. I would personally prefer the underground clubs more, it’s not like we are planning to make big money off of playing Grindcore.

S: More than 6 years ago when I attended the Avulsed show, not even the smallest thought could have crossed my mind that one day we’ll get to share the same stage.


– What do you think about Romanian underground scene? Name a couple of good / bad parts.

I: The scene sucks.

R: Sucks. Very Good Bands: Void Forger, Vorus, Rotheads, Anexa 1, Slicer, Cold Brats, Kroppen, Necrovile. All that folk whatever progresive wimpy shit can go somewhere else. I also have a problem with the Fuck You! Dracu drummer, I always pick on him when I see him.

C: As I mentioned before, there is or should be a fundamental need for this kind of expression. Along the line there were some other bands like Haos or Pavilionul 32 that used to hold the flag up for raw Punk music, but they seem to have faded away and now we are here to carry the torch.

S: Sucks!  It needs more personality, honesty, attitude, initiative, balls and less drama and rockstarism* ( *this word shouldn’t even exist in the same phrase with underground). Of course there are also good bands that deserve all the credits and most important good talented and dedicated people that can change everything if they’ll take the initiative.

-Tell us a bit about other future plans you have. Are there any other concerts scheduled, or do you prepare any studio material now?

I: No other gigs are confirmed at the moment, feel free to give us a call. 

R: Record an album. Probably this summer. Me and C will do all the production, all diy. 2021 will definitely see Terror Sickness’ debut.

C: We will gladly get back to you as we would have some certainty.

-What music do you listen to? Can you recommend a good band or album you discovered recently?

R: I love the new James Bond theme song. Deceased is my favorite band, go listen to it because it’s the best. Also go check the latest Unaussprechlichen Kulten record. RUSH AND CIRITH UNGOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I: Career Soldiers and Ophiocordyceps.

C: I’m into so many kinds of music, but, remaining on the topic I would recommend Disease, a recent Grindcore act, with their split done alongside Melting Rot, it came out in 2019.

S: I’m listening to Shit™ (Sadistik Exekution).

Just to avoid writing a novel I’ll stick to Grindcore. So, besides Autopsy, Impetigo, Sarcofago, 99% of Finnish death metal, 60% of the sickened South American raw black metal, 666% of everything that consists of putrid disgusting riffs and – wait I said I won’t write a novel… So I was saying REPULSION!!! Blood!!

Talking about recent discoveries, if one searched for a reason to learn Italian I think Nerorgasmo could have been a solid one. Moving back in nowadays sticking to Grindcore and Hardcore Punk, some French fellows must be mentioned: Bagarre and Massive Obliteration. Regarding albums, hey, Miscarriage just released “Fucking Disgusting” last month, but I can’t recommend it because you asked for good music and this one it’s a total disgusting sickened nightmare album at its finest! So I can’t recommend anything.

Perhaps you will think this is an unusual question, but what is the reason why you do music? How important is for you to have an unique voice and be original, not just any other Grindcore band?

R: I like doing music. I’m not original, I’m influenced a lot. We’re not even 0.5% close on thinking that “we’re not just any other Grindcore band”. Yeah we have some style and there are not many Grind acts in our area, but in fact we ARE just any other Grindcore band.

I: Playing Grindcore is enough for me. I wanted to join because there wasn’t any local Grindcore act that I knew of.

C: I really don’t mind the, somewhat, lack of an original sound since Grindcore should be, to me, mostly a wall of noise and simply an expressed emotion.

S: I’m not doing music, I’m doing Grindcore.

-Thanks again and if there’s anything else I haven’t touched, and you wish to add – the last words are yours. See you in Quantic soon!

R: LOUUUUUUUUUD AND FAST!!!!!!!! We’re gonna have a blast. Cheers and thank you very much!

Hopefully we will encourage others to go a bit deeper and primal to build together a stronger, “not giving a f#@k”, united scene. Thanks.

S: I wish my dealer was open

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