Curby – 20 Years of Obscene Extreme (the movie)

“The key factor with grindcore is that it is so extreme, it’s not ‘normal’. As the years have gone on, things have changed but extremity keeps on going.” said...
curby 20 years of obscene extreme

“The key factor with grindcore is that it is so extreme, it’s not ‘normal’. As the years have gone on, things have changed but extremity keeps on going.” said Shane Emury, the heartbeat of Napalm Death and one of the original inventors of what’s considered the most extreme musical genre in the world. From playing dark basement bars up to the audiences from Glastonbury Festival three decades later, and going through several broadcastings on national radios or televisions, grindcore spread like plague all over the world, evolving in a miriad of subgenres and directions, but always keeping the initial ferocity of the inventors from Napalm Death, Repulsion, Brutal Truth or Nasum. To resume it in a few simple words, as Jan AG from the Belgian legendary squad Agathocles said more than once „Grind is Protest”.

The Czech Center, in partnership with Axa Valaha Productions and Under the Flag, is glad to present you a unique documentary (20 Years of Obscene ExtremeCurby) about the biggest annual grindcore meeting, the open air Obscene Extreme Festival that takes place every July in Trutnov, Czech Republic. Besides being able to feel the general atmosphere of Obscene Extreme, various other topics are to be discussed, from the do-it-yourself way of doing things, to veganism/ vegetarianism or alternative ways of life. To make it even more interesting, we invited the main organizer of the festival Miloslav ‚Curby’ Urbanec in Bucharest to answer all your questions about this sonic way to protest the modern world.

This project is part of the Obscene Extreme Warm-up event which happens between 5-6 March in Bucharest. On 5 March, you can attend a screening + Q&A at the Czech Center, while an extreme metal concert will take place on 6 March, at Quantic Club, showcasing one of the most notorious bands that played at Obscene Extreme Festival several times, the sickos from Avulsed (Madrid, Spain), together with the very first Romanian band that ever played at Obscene Extreme, Necrovile, and two of the most interesting and brutal bands in the neighborhood, the Debrecen death metalists Angerseed and the Bucharest most brutal combo Terror Sickness.

The event is part of SAPTAMANA SUNETULUI, a yearly program of events aiming to introduce the public to a deeper understanding of sound and to raise awareness among all social actors with respect to the importance of sound quality, coordinated by UNESCO.

The entrance is free for the event at the Czech Centre, while for the concert you can buy your tickets here
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