Diocletian & Rites of Thy Degringolade live at Fabrica Club

Diocletian & Rites of Thy Degringolade live at Fabrica Club

The sheer power of war metal comes alive in fabrica.

Mark the date: May 20, 2020Official Romanian Thrash Metal Club and Etrurian Legion Promotion brings  Diocletian and  Rites of Thy Degringolade at Fabrica Club.

DIOCLETIAN, always reigning within the realms of the extreme war metal movement have resurged with founder/guitarist Atrociter unearthing the band with a new formation and sense of purpose. The result being the New Zealand unit’s most primal, barbarous, unhinged yet remorselessly calculated and violent album “Amongst The Flames Of A Burning God”.

Five years since their acclaimed “Gesundrian” LP (Osmose Productions) which saw the New Zealand war machine reach a certain summit, “Amongst The Flames Of A Burning God” resurges the DIOCLETIAN sound canvas with a newfound sense of ferocity, rawness, and artistry all while regressing back to the impressions and atmosphere witnessed on their debut “Doom Cult” LP (Invictus Productions). To achieve this regeneration, the new DIOCLETIAN lineup aligning with Atrociter consists of vocalist/bassist R.W., drummer E. M., guitarist M. H., and none other than vocalist Impurath (of notorious Black Witchery fame) completing the stronghold.

“Amongst The Flames Of A Burning God” is dedicated to the memory of the all-mighty Tregenda (Black Witchery, Burning Inside)

“Anyone familiar with the history of extreme metal in Canada must acknowledge the importance of Edmonton veterans Rites of Thy Degringolade. Originally conceived in 1997 as a solo project by Paulus Kressman, known at that time for his phenomenal drumming and vocals for Sacramentary Abolishment (who would evolve into Axis of Advance following Kressman’s departure), the earliest Rites recordings were solitary, experimental endeavours.  “The Blade Philosophical,” Kressman elaborates, “is the study and catharsis in the constant state of will—deterministic all, and the self as creator and destroyer.” The sound of Rites has always been distinctive—the band is one of a handful that can be honestly characterized as unique. On this album, the full spectrum of the band’s sound is on violent display. Kressman’s frenetic percussion and the low-end guitars form a tangled and tense knot at the core, that is draped and gilded with shimmering contrapuntal melodies delivered by Wroth and N.K.L.H. The organic fibres of Rites’ sound remain in omnipresent tension with the grinding mechanistic and boldly physical elements. The sprawling universe suspended in death-black paralysis. The misshapen spine of the cosmos dissected in the mind of man. “The Blade Philosophical” is a controlled descent into the orgiastic field of rape and disorder called the world and the corresponding ascendency of the individual from within. The release of “The Blade Philosophical” signifies more than just the band’s return to recording; Rites is currently preparing to embark on its first major-scale European tour (24 dates), and will be playing various fests in 2018 and beyond.”


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