Lucifer – A Rock Opera

Lucifer - A Rock Opera

Dear music lovers,

 The event we’re all looking for it’s extremely fast approaching its start. 

The “Lucifer” Rock-Opera, composed by Adrian Tăbăcaru based on the poem with the same name, of the most mysterious and esoterically poets of all times, Mihai Eminescu, it’s about to unfold its magic, for all music lovers, FOR FREE! 

This is a gift for you, at the 170th birth anniversary of the unique poet.

 The “Lucifer” Rock-Opera will be released for free starting January 15, 2020, 16:15 on every music and video platforms online.

Nothing can prepare you for the things to come!

A gift worth a trip to the land of no land, to the unborn time, where only the subtle energies of the spirit can reach.

An immense poet who turns 170, on the 15th of January, roamed those realms and came back to us to unveil its mysteries. To walk that walk takes a lot of courage, passion, sensibility and free spirit, most of us being unprepared for such an adventure.

But there is an amazing magic tool that can take you there in an instant and that’s music.

The music is the shortest way to the divine and the unknown dimensions of the spirit. Adrian Tăbăcaru, the composer of this opera mystically guided by Eminescu, shall reveal the mysteries of this journey to the other side. Don’t miss the 15th of January 2020, at 16:15, when the key to this trip will be sent to you!

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